Nick All Star Brawl Tier List What is the Tier List?

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Youths in the United States are thrilled to find the latest Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl updates. The game’s Tier List has changed, and we are now able to see the different characters. Players will support their main players, increasing the game’s brand image.

We are pleased to announce the latest clues regarding Nick Star Brawl Tier list. You can check it out right now.

The Game

According to reports Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, is an online fighting games with all your favorite Nickelodeon characters. This is also the first video game to be developed by Fair Play Labs and Ludosity.

To attract a lot of attention from gamers and viewers alike, the game was launched on the 4th October 2021. In order to win the leaderboards 20 characters from 13 Nickelodeon series will take part in 20 different stages.

What is the Tier List?

Nick All Star Brawl Tier Listing is broken down into four levels that help to distinguish the best characters from the rest. The table below will provide an overview of which characters are in each tier.

S-TierThese players are the best and have many benefits which are easy to get.
A-TierSince it helps to prevent problems, this group has included good characters.
B-TierIn certain areas, the characters of the region lack.
C-TierThese tiers are for players who have average abilities.
D-TierIt also contains Patrick Star.

Nick Nick All Star Brawl Tier Listing

  • S-Tier

Oblina and Catdog are included as they are very simple. Oblina is the most skilled, while Catdog has very few easy kills.

  • A-Tier

April, Leonardo and Sandy are all favorites of most players. However, Sandy is best known for her hitboxes, while Leonardo is well-known for his aerial skills.

April has also mixed up her skills.

Aang, Lucy Loud and Invader Zim are some of the other players.

  • B-Tier

It includes Helga (Helga), Michelangelo and Spongebob. The Nick All Star brawl Tier List features Danny Phantom’s greatest skills, and Spongebob is shaped like a glass bottle.

  • C-Tier

The characters are slow and presented with terrible settings. The film also features Reptar, Toph, Nigel Thornberry, and others.

  • D-Tier

Patrick Star is not an excellent player in the series. This tier was created because of his bad skills.

Gamers Reaction

Many fans have donated their favorite character to the series and are excited for more game updates.

The Final Words

We have detailed information about Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl in this article on Nick All Star Brawl tier list. This game has been updated by the developers to include a Tier List to rank players according to their efficiency.

Five tiers were also identified, with just a few players, into S, B, C, D, and A tiers. For more information on the in-game tiers, visit here.

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