Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn Who is Nick Nurse?

Are you a fan of the Toronto Raptors? Have you heard about that controversy over Nick Nurse and Malachi Flynn’s father? Do you want to know the reasons for this controversy? If so, stay with this article.

A major controversy has recently occurred between coaching staff Nick Nurse and his trainee Malachi Flynn’s father. Naturally, people from both the United States and Canada are interested in knowing more. This is why, in this article we’ll discuss this controversy. Nick nurse Malachi Flynn controversy.

What did happen in the relationship between Nick Nurse and Malachi Flynn?

The treatment of Coach Nick Nurse’s Raptors Guard Malachi Flynn has upset the father of the star player Eric Flynn, who posted a post on Facebook on Friday. Flynn was believed to have stated that Nurse is not just unhappy with Nurse’s performance on the court, but is also above the expectations of them.

It’s been difficult for the 23-year old to make a lasting impression over the coaching staff as he has only played a short number of minutes. The average number of points of Flynn during the season was 2.8 as well as 34.9 percent of field goals.

Before discussing the Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn controversy, let’s look at this basketball star Malachi Flynn his father, who reacted to his abuse by the head Coach Nick Nurse.

Who is Malachi Flynn?

It is believed that NBA player Malachi Flynn is a member of his team the Toronto Raptors. While at Washington State University, he played basketball for the San Diego Aztecs and the Washington Cougars.

The Toronto Raptors selected Flynn with the 29th selection of Round 1 of NBA 2020 draft. San Diego State has not had a player picked in the first round since the 2011 draft’s Kawhi Leonard. On May 20, 2021 Flynn got the nod as East Conference Rookie.

What are people’s reactions on the Nick Nurse , Malachi Flynn controversy?

The Head Coaching staff, Nurse, utilizes seven or eight players at times. Many fans , such as Eric Flynn, who want to see the bench player employed more, are disappointed with this.

Every parent wants to advocate for and defend their children. Hence, identifying fault with Flynn is a challenge. However, we rarely hear it expressed so publicly. After his son was selected as 29th overall in 2020’s NBA Draft, Flynn has not shied away from expressing his views.

Through Facebook, Flynn is often engaged in a variety of fan-based groups for the Raptors and interacts with fans and sharing information about the team.

After we have went over what we know about the Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn controversy, let’s talk about Nick Nurse.

Who is Nick Nurse?

Nick is an ex-professional basketball player as well as a coach. In the present, he serves as director of basketball for the Toronto Raptors and manager of the Canadian national team for men within the NBA. Nurse was a coach and player during the British Basketball League for the Derby Rams from 1990 to 1991. The Nurse was not able to return to professional basketball following the 1990-91 campaign. Instead the nurse made the decision to pursue a professional coaching career.


The comments of Flynn have raised numerous concerns about Nick Nurse’s treatment for players and his methods and favoritism.

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