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Did you know about Star Guardian 2022? Yes! Yes, the event was live on July 14, 2022. Star Guardian, the annual event for fans, is an eagerly awaited event. It lasts 10 weeks and includes both in-game or out-of game content. Fans get new skins that can be used for more than 10 characters.

No matter if you’re from Canada or the United States, Italy or the United Kingdom, you can still enjoy the event and learn about Nilah


U Git Gud (or is a popular website providing League-of-Legends statistics as well as other information. The website was created by the owners in 2018 and allows players to learn more about the summoners and champions using the most current statistics. Every time a new summoner or champion appears in the game, quickly updates its statistics to give runes, counters, and other details.

The website has been a great resource for information about Nilah since her release in League-of-Legends, 14 July 2022. Learn more about Nilah’s counters such as Master Yi

League -of- Legends

The game was published by Riot Games and released on Microsoft Windows in 2009. The game is now available in Windows and macOS.

It’s completely free-to-play and you can purchase character customization. The champion character is the player’s control. It has unique abilities and can be used in different ways.

These champions are able to gain XP through the death of enemies and can increase their level. Two teams of five players compete to defend their side in player-versus–player combat. Let us now learn more about the new champion Nilah.

Who is Nilah, and

Nilah, a warrior extraordinaire released as part of the Star Guardian 2022 Event, is on the lookout for the most terrifying and deadly opponents in order to defeat them.

Because she won her powers from the demon of joy, she can only feel unceasing joy. But, it is a small price to be paid for the immense strength she now has.

She is capable of using demonic powers as well as her formless blade Urumi. She is capable demon water manipulation, emotional feeding, water walking, and enhanced strength and agility.


According to the statistics on the site, the best counter picks against Nilah are Seraphine (Sivir), Miss Fortune, Draven and Kalista, Jhin. Varus, Caitlyn. Twitch.

Ziggs are the worst choice for Nilah. You can also play with her E, avoid fighting in the jungle and ban her at launch.

Last Words:

To find out more about Nilah champions’ Counters, please follow this link . Nilah is a League-of-Legends Stats site that helps players find out more information about champions Nilah, based on the most recent statistics.

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