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Nilay Chakrapani: Millionaire Technopreneur On The Roll To Success

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Since there has been enough debate and talk around becoming self-reliant ourselves and making India a self-reliant country, it is essential to keep the five pillars balanced. The pillars include economy, infrastructure, technology, demography, and demand, as emphasized by the Prime Minister himself.

Nilay Chakrapani is a youth in his late twenties that firmly abides by the principles of success and believes if every youth bases their life on strong business ideals, the five pillars of the Nation will be naturally balanced. II

A digital entrepreneur by profession, Nilay dedicates his days to offering valuable consultation and advice to the brands on how to tell relevant stories and build better strategies.

He feels that his success in the present day has come from the lives of many famous entrepreneurs he read about. Nilay was preparing for his exams when under tragic circumstances, he had to withdraw from his dreams for a while. After he recovered, he joined the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) for his B.Tech.

In his free time, he would read a lot of books and blogs to learn about business ideas and get related insights. He was inclined to the digital marketing industry from the very beginning, so he decided to pursue that along with college. Since he started a decade back, there was excellent room for growth in that area.

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His passion led him to explore social media marketing fully, and he connected with influencers and entrepreneurs who made a career out of social media and digital marketing. He spent quite a few years in this space and later diversified into the ecommerce business, particularly dropshipping.

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He always believed in experimenting with new ways, and he never followed the traditional approach with YouTube. Unlike the various tutorials and how-to guides available today on YouTube about scaling a dropshipping business, there was no source of help, direction, or guidance for Nilay back in 2015. He made his mark in the dropshipping business all on his own, learning from his own experiences while creating unique learnings.

Whatever little research and study he could gather over the years, he applied to this business and, in fact, saw commendable results. He invested his hard-earned income he made over the years from social media into the dropshipping business, and the business flourished to his surprise.

Nilay never had a chance to sit with an expert in dropshipping because he was one of the few to venture into this space, and barely anybody could tell about the challenges or setbacks one may have to face. He got all his learnings along the way. He invested over Rs. 1.8 lakh in the first six months of the business going live. Imagine this is the same individual who has faced a significant money crunch at some point and is making profits in millions today.

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Eventually, he set foot in the international e-commerce market across the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Later, Nilay couldn’t help but notice India’s need to grow its ecommerce market. He clocked more than Rs. 30 crores in sales and felt that the current market trend offers enormous opportunities.

He has regularly connected with experts and aggregators in the industry, trying to solve issues plaguing the Indian ecommerce market. He doesn’t believe in just focussing on oneself; that’s why he even trains young people to come out as better professionals in the ecommerce business and tread their foot mindfully.

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He doesn’t get paid for it, and he merely does it for a more prosperous future of the country’s youth while hoping for our Nation to have an ever more robust business infrastructure.


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