Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha

Are you intrigued by animation games that offer a variety of kinds of features for players? If so, you could encounter this popular game based on anime that gives gamers an exciting gaming experience.

Players from the Philippinesare eager to know what features this game offers. The reward system of this game has boosted the game’s appeal to many more players within the gaming community. Check out the entire article for more information on Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha.

About Ro-Ghoul

Ro-Ghoul is a fighting game for free accessible through Roblox. Roblox gaming platform that was inspired by the popular animated series Tokyo Ghoul. SushiWalrus is the developer of the game. This game offers the player with the opportunity to experience an array of different things and environments.

The game also gives players with two options to choose from the players in CCG as well as Ghoul. The choice of the player completely depends on the choice of the player’s faction. The goal that is the goal of Ghoul or CCG is totally different. Ghoul is able to engage in genocide , or they can reside peacefully.

Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha

  • Nishiki is a kind of balanced kagune that is used to defend as well as speed and damage. It functions similarly to the bikaku type found inside the Tokyo Ghoul.
  • The general look of Nishiki is like the appearance of the serpent’s tail.
  • There are four kagunes in the beginning of the game, which includes Nishiki.
  • The other three kagunes during the match are Tsukiyama, Touka and Kaneki.
  • The game’s play style is also known as Slow Melee Burst.
  • It is the RC type of the video game is Bikaku.

Stages Available and Gaming Moves

  • There are generally three stages that are present within the Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha The Stages are Stage 1 2, Stage 2 and Stage 3.
  • The initial stage is the growing the tail out of the tailbone. The tail is split in two sections, and the upper part of the tail has a variety of veins for sports and is darker. the lower part has a narrower protrusion, which is primary color.
  • The games on this stage include the Click button to attack E, R, and F buttons to execute different attack strategies against opponents.
  • The second stage features the Kagune that is twice as big when compared to that of the initial stage. Learn more about Nishiki Boss’s Ro-Ghoul Alpha.
  • The game’s movements are similar to previous ones using those of the Click, E, R and F buttons, however the impact is greater than the previous version.
  • The third stage is the kakuja being in its entirety, and the participant is provided with a mask of kakuja.
  • The gameplay during the stage 3 is more energetic than the two stages before it.


The games based on anime are gaining enormous popularity because they offer players an entirely different and captivating gaming experience. To learn more about the game and its capabilities you can visit here.

Have you played an anime-based game with similar characteristics similar to Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha? If yes, then please leave a post a comment below with your opinion about the topic mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

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