No morning erection and Permanent Solution with Penile Prosthesis

Many men apply to urology outpatient clinics in health institutions because they do not have morning erections. This occurs due to the sleep cycle. In adolescents and adults who have reached the age of puberty, three to five erections occur during sleep, lasting an average of 25-35 minutes. This hardening process corresponds to almost 40% of the sleep cycle. Nocturnal erections, which can occur without any sexual stimulus, are called morning erections when they coincide with the waking hour. The absence of morning erection is interpreted by many as a problem in sexual health. However, the absence of morning erection can also occur in people without health problems. However, since this situation can also be seen in erectile dysfunction, which is known as impotence among people, it is necessary to pay attention to the other symptoms of the erection problem. Urology physicians should be consulted, mainly if sufficient erection cannot be achieved before sexual intercourse or if the hardness cannot be maintained sufficiently. Since erectile dysfunction can occur, especially in conditions such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, spinal cord diseases, multiple sclerosis, tobacco products, and excessive alcohol consumption, risk factors should be considered.

Is Penile Prosthesis A Remedy In The Case Of No Morning Erection?


Treatment methods that can be used in the absence of morning erection, which can be one of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, are specified in the guide prepared by the European Urology Association. Non-surgical methods used according to this guideline are drug therapy, penile injection, and vacuum devices. Drugs such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil are used in drug treatment. In cases where these drugs are not helpful, hardening is provided by the penile injection method. Apart from this, it is possible to create an erection before sexual intercourse with vacuum devices. However, these methods are used before sexual intercourse and only offer a temporary solution. Penile prostheses are another treatment method used in erectile dysfunction, which has symptoms such as lack of morning erection or inability to maintain an erection adequately in men. These prostheses, also called Penile prostheses, have a high success rate due to their high satisfaction rate. It is possible to achieve an erection artificially with the prosthesis placed in the penis. Since these prostheses are placed in the corpus cavernosum in the penis, they cannot be noticed from the outside.

What is Penile Prosthesis, and What Are Its Types?

One-piece and three-piece prostheses are the most used types of happiness sticks. Since these two prosthesis types have some excellent points compared to each other, good research should be done while determining the prosthesis type. Although one-piece prostheses have a rigid and durable body structure, they are flexible. Thanks to the high bending angle, hardening can be created by manually turning the body into an upright position. This type of prosthesis is preferred in erectile dysfunction in the absence of morning erection due to its ease of use, lack of mechanical parts, the possibility of using it for many years, and its lower economic cost.

Three-piece prostheses, another prosthesis, cause hardening by inflating the pump. It is frequently preferred prosthesis because it does not create a permanent state of hardness and allows natural-looking hardening. While the three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis pump is placed in the testis, the fluid reservoir part is implanted into the abdomen, and the cylinder parts are implanted in the corpus canals. As a result of inflating the pump, the liquid in the reservoir moves towards the cylinders through a unique tube system and creates hardening.

Many people who have erectile dysfunction in certain countries apply to urologists. If certain conditions are met, a significant portion of the penile prosthesis treatment costs in erectile dysfunction is covered by insurance. You can contact Rigicon using the “Information Request Form” on and learn about the conditions. People who suspect erectile dysfunction and wonder what to do if there is no morning erection can consult their urology physician for more detailed information.

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