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Who Was Noah Kinney?
Born on September 25, 1999, in Barberton, Summit County, Ohio, Noah James Kinney was a 20-year-old spirited individual, deeply loved and remembered by his community. Raised by his grandmother, Mary, in Houston, Texas, he exhibited a compassionate spirit from a young age. However, life’s trials saw him enter foster care, a phase that eventually led him to Fairlawn, Ohio. Here, he cherished moments with his infant daughter, Niyla, and remained a beacon of positivity, as attested by his ex-girlfriend, Oahnesty Palmer.

What Happened on January 8, 2020?
On that ill-fated night, after a brief exchange of texts with Oahnesty, Noah met a tragic end on an Akron street. Neighbors reported multiple gunshots around 11:17 PM. Amidst the turmoil, police found Noah lifeless in his Jeep, having sustained fatal gunshot wounds. Witnesses gave accounts of a fleeing figure, painting a scene filled with chaos and despair.

How Was Melvin Terry Involved?
The investigation pivoted dramatically with the discovery of CCTV footage. Minutes before Noah’s Jeep appeared, another car was spotted – Melvin Terry Jr.’s vehicle. As the surveillance video unfolded, viewers saw Noah entering this car, only to be met with gunshots moments later. Racing back to his Jeep, he was continuously fired upon, eventually crashing into a driveway. Subsequent evidence linked the Buick, caught on tape, to both Melvin Terry Jr. and Sr. A direct connection was established when bullet holes and traces of Noah’s blood were found on the Buick at an auto repair shop.

What Does the Footage from “The Murder Tapes” Reveal?
Investigation Discovery’s “The Murder Tapes” provides an in-depth look into the murder in an episode titled “Blood in the Snow.” The episode promises a harrowing journey as detectives work to identify the culprit and pursue an armed murderer on the run. The unexpected twist? The discovery of video evidence that shifts the entire direction of the case.

What is Melvin Terry’s Current Status?
Following his arrest, Melvin Terry Jr. stood trial in July 2021, with the evidence heavily stacked against him. The conclusion saw him convicted of first-degree murder and felony assault. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after 18 years. This verdict brought a measure of relief to an Akron community that had been grappling with the sheer magnitude of the tragedy.

How Has the Community Reacted?
The murder of Noah Kinney left an irrevocable mark on Akron, Ohio. Residents mourned the loss of a vibrant young man with a promising future. The sentence on Melvin Terry offered some closure, yet the painful memory remains. Amidst the gloom, the legacy of Noah lives on, reminding the world of a compassionate soul taken too soon, and urging communities everywhere to stand united against violence.

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