Nothing Better Than Cozy: The Advantages of Modern Floor Heating Systems

Since radiant heating systems are clean, quiet, efficient, safe, and cost-effective, they are quickly gaining in favour. 

Using this system, the heating cables or mats are laid on the sub-floor, allowing you to install the flooring of choice, providing uniform heating without being noticeable to occupants. Here, we explore some of the many benefits that are making radiant floor heating a popular choice for modern homeowners today.

Greater energy efficiency

When compared to conventional heaters, radiant floor heating systems have a lower energy footprint. As such, these systems can efficiently heat a room at lower temperatures. 

Unlike the typical bar heater, blow heater or baseboard heater, which rely on high temperatures in concentrated areas, the radiant floor heat system covers a larger area but at a much lower temperature, providing improved comfort levels at lower energy costs.  

Greater space efficiency without noise disruption

While a furnace with air ducts, a baseboard heater, or a radiator, can warm your room or office, it may impact your available space. However, a radiant floor heating system eliminates all visual evidence of a heating system. With no cumbersome unsightly heating apparatus in the way, you can arrange your home exactly as you see fit.

The low noise level during operation is yet another major perk of radiant floor heating systems. A radiant heating system is virtually silent when in use, in contrast to the noise produced by various alternative heating methods such as forced air, furnaces and heat pumps. 

If you’re used to forced-air heating systems, you’re probably used to the constant on-and-off hum of vents. Radiant under-floor heating systems offer soothing warmth that won’t disturb you at night.

Easy of operation

Some traditional heaters are notoriously difficult to use. While it may be challenging to get everything set up, the programming and troubleshooting might be even more difficult.

Choose the LuxHeat radiant floor heating system if you want something that is incredibly easy to use, energy efficient and will reduce your electricity consumption. When you install radiant heat to warm your flooring, the system essentially runs itself and requires little to no maintenance.

Consistent heat dispersal throughout the home

Do you find that the temperature in your home fluctuates frequently?  Are some rooms warmer than others?  This problem is typical of the traditional heating systems still used in many homes today.

If you and your family are looking for more stable temperatures, with personalized control, radiant floor heating is the way to go. By installing a radiant floor heating system, you will be able to get rid of the cold spots and hot spots throughout your home, allowing for personalized set temperatures in each room.

Versatility and flexibility

Have you been putting off installing radiant underfloor heating because you’re worried it won’t work with your floor? Don’t stress! There are radiant heating floor systems suitable for practically every surface now on the market. Carpet, laminate flooring, hardwood, tile, concrete, and stone are all included in these flooring options.

Installing a new LuxHeat mat system in your house is a simple and fast operation. Doing some remodelling right now? It’s easy to install these systems in any part of the house. 

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