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Nwishop Reviews Is Nwishop Legit?

Are you ready for summer in Spain, and the United States Are you prepared for summer in loose, cool outfits? Do you plan to shop at an e-store that offers heavy discounts and free shipping? Consider clothing for toddlers this summer. sells summer clothes, accessories, and footwear to keep you cool. Before you make a purchase, we recommend reading Nwishop reviews.

Brief: launched in May 2022. However on the About Us’ pages it claims that existed since 2006. This is a false claim. states that it manufactures fashion and athletic products. But, this statement is untrue and can be found on many fraudulent websites.

The content of the ‘About Us’ section is stolen from and’s further analysis revealed that’s products and item descriptions were stolen from The ASIN matches are exact. is a Scam. has 240 products to sell, including:

  1. 120 styles of shoes
  2. Masks,
  3. Socks,
  4. Innerwear,
  5. Trendy summer clothes
  6. Slippers,
  7. Tracksuits,
  8. T-Shirts,
  9. Pants and cargoes
  10. Baby clothing
  11. Swimsuits,
  12. Sandals, etc.


  • Buy summer clothes and accessories at:
  • Social media Links not included at Nwishop
  • Prices: starts at $12.00
  • Physical Address: 71 Shelton St., Convent Garden, London-WC2H9JQ, England.
  • Customer reviews and blogs:not sponsored by Nwishop.
  • Terms, Conditions:unspecified by Nwishop.
  • Privacy policy – was not mentioned, but Nwishop contained plagiarism.
  • Phone (or Whatsapp) number:unspecified in Nwishop.
  • Store Locator:not available on Nwishop.
  • Nwishop Reviews FAQ and Help: Unspecified on Nwishop
  • Delivery policy:Nwishop will deliver standard orders within nine and express orders (chargeable), in five days.
  • Shipping policy:Nwishop takes 48Hrs in order to ship your order via FedEx (UPS), DHL, USPS, USPS, TNT, and USPS.
  • Cancellation policy:unspecified by Nwishop
  • Tracking: possible with an email address on
  • Return policy:unspecified in Nwishop
  • Restocking fees:unspecified by Nwishop
  • Refunds Policy Unspecified on Nwishop
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Method of Payment:via PayPal only.
  • Newsletters supported Nwishop


  • offers FREE shipping for orders above $35.00
  • offers 50% discount on all of its products, as shown in Nwishop reviews
  • featured detailed product descriptions and photos
  • offers 120 varieties of unisex footwear
  • features a wide selection of summer clothing, shoes, and accessories in 240 variations


  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), was included in the product description. However, the item and its contents were stolen by
  • It is difficult for customer services to be reached as the contact number and physical address are not listed on the map.
  • Nwishop does NOT provide any information regarding cancellation returns or refunds.
  • only offers a limited number of payment options
  • Product pages do not contain 50% off
  •’s poor interface, which did not support searching, sorting, or filtering.

Is Nwishop Legit?

  • Nwishop creation: 15 May 2022, 7:00:00
  • Nwishop: Twenty-six days.
  • Wishop Last updated at: 16th Mai 2022, 7:00:00
  • Nwishop expiry: 15th Mai 2023 at 7:00 PM.
  • Nwishop life expectancy expires in 11 months and 4 days.
  • Trust Index Nwishop reached a trust score of 1%
  • Business ranking:Nwishop achieved an overall business ranking of 39.4%.
  • Source of Origin:Nwishop registered in the USA.
  • Status Of Blacklisting Nwishop does not have to be blacklisted.
  • SSL StatusitsIP has an SSL Certification available for 338 Day.
  • Connection Security:Nwishop utilizes HTTPS protocol.
  • Threat Profile41%%.
  • Nwishop reviews Score:57%.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 57%.
  • Malware Score43%
  • Spam Score32%
  • Contact person:unspecified @ Nwishop
  • Social Relations: Nwishop was not listed on any social media platforms.
  • Owner’s contact details and identity:unspecified on Nwishop.

Customers Reviews: is suspected to be a Scam according to one YouTube review and seven reviews from other websites. Nwishop also has a low 2,774,510 Alexa rank. To avoid fraud, be aware of credit card scams . doesn’t allow for product reviews. User ratings and reviews are not available elsewhere on the internet or on social media.


Nwishop reviewsconclude to be a Scam. received a horrible Trust Score, Business, Alexa Rating. received high scores for suspicion, threat, malware and phishing. does not have a delivery acknowledgment and we do not believe that customer testimonials should be used.

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