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Are you aware that the Oblivion is a steel roller coaster that runs at Alton Towers in Staffordshire (England)? Would you like to learn more? You can read the entire article to the end.

Alton Towers is in the news as visitors had to climb down the Oblivion. The information was trending in the United Kingdom Ireland and the United States. This article will discuss the Oblivion Ride Alton Towers.

Roller Coaster Terrifying scenes at Alton towers

Many witnessed an unlucky ride when they were forced to climb Oblivion 65ft at forty degrees. This has never been done before in the history United Kingdom. They were 180ft below the ground and fell into an underground tunnel.

One group of riders was stuck in the air at 65ft. The rider got stuck at 180 feet. Also, the weather was unfavorable.

Details about Oblivion Ride Alton Towers

The Oblivion Kickstarter gave the whole area a new theme. The ride was first built in 1998. It received a lot of publicity as it was the first vertical-drop roller coaster in the entire world. Alton Towers has one of the best roller coasters. People were shocked to learn of the shocking oblivion ride.

The ride to oblivion takes about 25 seconds. Although the ride is amazing, it involves a 180ft vertical drop. The roller coaster speeds at 110km/hr. It’s an incredible ride. Oblivion Rider Alton Towers offers more than a drop ride.

It is one of many amazing Alton Towers attractions. Oblivion can be described as a Bolliger-& Mabillard Dive machine roller coaster. Alton Towers’ riders enjoyed an unforgettable experience. People who were eager to visit the area were disappointed.

Why are the news in fashion?

Alton Towers saw the creation of the first vertical rollercoaster. Park goers took pictures of the riders climbing down. The riders were photographed by park visitors.

It is third fastest after Stealth in Thorpe Park, and the big one from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Twitter photos show a man giving water to the passengers in safety gear.


Alton Towers boasts one of the most talked-about roller coasters in the entire world. This is the ride that people have dreamed of. Because the roller coaster was stuck in the middle, riders were forced down. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers has been a hot topic.

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