Occupational Therapy Services for Your Patients

Occupational therapy is any adverse health care service that involves the application of purposeful activities, guided by skilled professionals called pediatric occupational therapists, to help regain performance skills lost through injury or illness. Individual programs, designed and implemented by pediatric occupational therapists, are built to improve total wellbeing by recovering competence, maximizing independence, preventing injury or disability wherever possible, to ensure that a person, particularly children, might manage work, home, and social interaction effectively.

This is considered medically necessary not until provided to gain a specific diagnosis-related goal as documented inside the plan of care. Occupational therapy should consider the following:

1) Satisfy the functional needs of your patient who suffers from physical disability

2) Achieve a specific diagnosis-related goal for any patient who has a reasonable expectation of achieving measurable improvement and predictable period of time

3) Be specific, effective and reasonable treatment for the patient’s diagnosis and fitness

4) Be delivered by a qualified provider of Hippotherapy in Tennessee services (i.e., company or individual who is licensed, where required, and it is performing inside the scope of license)

The most common questions every Occupational Therapist gets asked if we announce our profession is, “What is Occupational Therapy?… Oh, is that like Physical therapy?” Truthfully, you will find areas of Occupational Therapy that overlap with Therapy, as our clients frequently have multiple issues that happen to be best treated by way of a team approach. Although we may perform a lot action for strengthening and increasing movement, we approach therapy differently than PT.

Occupational therapy has the same goal planned when it comes to physical disabilities and limitations, and that we may use repetitive exercises, most often we have used them negative credit a “functional activity”. This refers to performing meaningful activities while simultaneously implementing increasing function and the ability to move.

Occupational therapy service then takes the therapy one step further (not only a better way, just along with or perhaps addition to). As an example, in the same physical condition, suppose we find out (that is portion of our responsibility) that you enjoy playing basketball. You have to might boosting your strength, range of flexibility and assist you to regain function by engaging you in practicing “shootin’ hoops”. We would “grade” (gradually increasing demands) the activity by beginning with a light ball and low basket. As you improved the basket would get higher as well as the ball heavier (I’ll even try and block a number of shots!). Thus, these “exercises” will allow you to regain function and allow you to be involved in the sport with your maximum potential. This is merely one simple example of numerous possibilities!

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