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Ogboot Roblox Reviews Specifications of Ogboot Roblox

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Do you play Roblox or do you want to start? Are you tired of collecting Robux and need a free shortcut like an enhanced app or a Robux generator? We’re here to discuss one such site – Ogboot.com

Roblox is popular in the United States with over 200 million monthly active members. The game is free with some in-app purchases such as currency.

There are hundreds of scam websites out there. Could Ogboot Roblox also be a scam?

About Roblox

Roblox is one of the famous online multiplayer games that helps you create or join other people’s servers around the world. This game is very famous among teenagers, with around 200 million regularly active players. People say Roblox never gets boring as there are millions of games available on Roblox (as anyone can make their own).

Roblox earned a whopping $ 2.29 billion in 2020, making it the third-highest-grossing free-to-play game last year.

Robux is the currency used in Roblox. Roblox can be bought or earned, and even premium members can exchange Roblox for real money.

Specifications of Ogboot Roblox

• Link to the website – https://ogboot.com/

• E-mail address – not provided on the website (no contact details).

• Site Type – Free Enhanced Applications.

• Address – New York, United States.

• Domain registration – March 15, 2021.

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• Alexa site position – zero

Now let’s read the Roblox pros and cons of Ogboot.com.


• The site does not ask for any important details such as password or bank details, only a username.

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• The site has an active HTTPS connection.

• The process to get Robux is really simple.


• Ogboot Roblox has no reviews available online.

• The website tells you how many people are using the site right now, which is always over 150. However, the traffic to the site is too little, which means it’s a lie.

• No progress is displayed after human verification has started.

The sad truth about Ogboot Roblox

The site appears to be a scam to us for the following reasons:

• The Confidence Index score is only 1%.

• No customer feedback.

• It is illegal to correct the application.

• The site is only five days old.

We also found that even if you enter invalid usernames that exceed the limit (exceeds 20 characters or a space), the Ogboot Roblox website displays a message saying that it has found a username.

Website owners earn money from advertising and forcing you to download random apps that pay them.


Ogboot.com offers free Robux without asking for anything in return. If they had so many Robux to give away, why not trade the Robux for real money? The simple answer is that they are a fraudulent website.

Be aware of such sites and never enter any personal information on unknown sites.

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Have you tried using Ogboot.com before? What do you think of scam sites like Ogboot Roblox? Comment below.

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