Ok Symbol Scam What is the origin for”OK”? Ok Sign?

Are you familiar with these symbols of white supremacy? Have you heard about the Ok sign? Would you like to learn more? If so, check out this article.

In the last year, a fraud or a propaganda campaign involving an Ok hand symbol has been spreading an image of white supremacy across the globe and especially those in the United States. In this article we will look at the Ok Hand Symbol Scam.

About Ok Symbols

For a long time the hand gesture which was recorded on video has been associated with positive things it is commonly used in order to communicate the idea that it’s that everything is okay or everything is okay. However, it’s been adopted for many reasons, including as an expression for white supremacy. According to the Anti-Defamation League, the symbol has turned into a threatening meme.

What is the origin for”OK”? Ok Sign?

People have used this gesture for a long time usually in positive conditions. It is employed in sign languages for many reasons, but also for yoga, as a symbol of inner peace.

About Ok Symbol Scam

In February of this year, an unidentified 4channer announced Operation O-KKKand advised other users to attack Twitter or other media platforms using the symbol, claiming it was a sign of white supremacy. Ok symbol was a sign of supremacy in white. The Ok symbol was turned into an Scam.

The user also posted an illustration of what to draw for the initials of WP that is used to create white power in an OK gesture. The creator, along with others, have used hashtags such as NotOkay and PowerHandPrivilege in order to in promoting the fraud.

In this scam, the 4channer attempted to trick everyone else to believe this Ok gesture was a sign of white supremacy.

Following the example to The Ok Scam creator, 4channers reacted. Scam creator 4channers crafted fake email addresses and Twitter handles, and then attacked journalists, civil rights groups and others who had messages in support of Ok Symbol Scam. Ok scam.

The conspiracists might be racists, or white supremacists as well because certain areas of 4chan serve as a refuge for racists and the social media website has served as a resource for supporters of the right-wing section of the white nationalists.

Operation O-KKK’s first launch slowed down before getting quite a ways. However, it resurfaced in April again however this time it was much more successful in spreading to social media and beyond as it was the time that the OK Symbol Scam was made famous.

How White Supremacy Symbols Like Ok Spread So Far and Wide?

White nationalist symbols and signs On the other hand they do not get accepted in a short time, and grow organically with time. For electronic symbols, the time of acceptance and growth in usage could take months and even years.


The Ok scam was among numerous scams in which 4channers incorrectly believed that white supremacists were responsible for seemingly innocent objects, symbols, and gestures, in order to fool liberals and convince them to disseminate false messages.

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