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Older Women are Looking Younger. Is It Fake Or Natural?

There are many ways to help yourself to age slower and naturally appear younger. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell why some women look so much younger than other women their age. Of course it is inappropriate to ask a woman if she has had work done on her face, here are some things you can do to naturally look younger, or to look younger with a little help from an aesthetician. 

Natural Ways To Look Younger

The main key to looking younger or aging slower, is protecting the largest organ in your entire body- your skin! Here are some ways to protect your skin and how to help it to be its healthiest.

Avoid Getting Too Much Sun

You can either use sunscreen or you can make sure you are not sun tanning in direct sunlight for hours. Cover up your body and shade your face when you must be in the sun for long hours. Women love to have tanned skin, but often women who suntan, tend to age much faster by getting wrinkly and sun damaged skin. If you choose makeup with SPF in it, that can help your skin to avoid sunspots.

Collagen SupplementsĀ 

Collagen is great for your skin. It will help your skin, hair and nails to be supple, shiny and healthy. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are also a great supplement for your skin. Vitamin C aids in the natural production of collagen in your cells. 

Get Restful Sleep

They call it beauty rest for a reason! Sleeping can help reduce stress, as well as help your body to repair itself throughout the night. Without adequate sleep, your body will age much faster. Stress is a huge factor that contributes to a quickly aging body. Stress can cause hair loss and weight gain. 

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Avoiding junk food can be a huge help to not only your health, but also to your body. Having a proper diet filled with anti-inflammatory foods will help your body to be healthy. When our bodies are healthy and functioning at full capacity, they are able to heal and regenerate. If our bodies are filled with fried foods and refined sugars, our bodies become weak and unable to repair vital cells. This causes us to age much more quickly. 

Less Than Natural Ways To Look Younger

Wanting to look your best self is not always necessarily vain. You can want to look presentable without obsessing about it or going overboard. Here are some things that can be done at an Idaho Falls MedSpa. These are some things that you can do to get extra help for your skin to help you look younger.


Facials are more on the natural side, but there are many varieties of facials that you could choose from. Facials will help your skin by getting rid of excess dry skin, and hydrate your skin to help reduce wrinkles. Hydrafacials will help cleanse your skin and infuse it with moisture to help your skin look nice and supple. It will help get rid of large pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Botox Injections

Botox is definitely not natural, but a couple of injections can look natural if you do not go overboard. Only a few injections around wrinkles and fine lines can help you to appear younger. Many women go overboard with lip injections or cheek injections, but it is possible to look younger without looking incredibly unnatural. 

Eyebrow and Eyelash Fills

A MedSpa or an aesthetician at a salon will be able to help you fill in your eyebrows and your eyelashes. Again, many women tend to go overboard with both, but it is possible to get eyelash extensions and an eyebrow fill that looks more natural. As we age, our hair is just not what it used to be, even the hair on our eyelashes and eyebrows. Filling them in will help you to look younger, but also, mascara and makeup can be harsh on your skin, especially over time. Getting some lash extensions is great because you do not need to apply makeup at all.

Skin Laser Treatment

There are different types of laser treatments, depending on what your goal is. You can get the treatment anywhere, but women typically get it on their face. This laser treatment and microneedling can help to reduce blemishes and scars.

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