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You won’t find any other Vansmith information. Find out why is the most popular Vansmith service. is an online non-profit that aims to raise donations and offer prizes. This is a win/win situation for donors and charities. Have you ever wished for a campervan with a kitchen sink, stovetop, gas stove, storage area for clothes, shoes and other kitchen items, fan/fan, interior lighting, charging ports or a multipurpose table? ?

Participating in a worthy cause of charity at Vansmith could give you the chance of winning a camper van.

Specials at

The current appeal for donations promotes a Mercedes(r). 2022 Sprinter van as an exclusive prize. The van can be customized to the requirements of the winner. Vansmith performs the custom conversion and pays $80K as part of the exclusive prize. has a lot of van conversions.

Vansmith’s Web Site:

Vansmith services provide freedom for those who want to enjoy comfortable, exciting on-road adventures with a campervan. For off-grid living, the Mercedes Sprinter Van comes with rooftop solar panels. Mercedes Sprinter Van is a powerful vehicle capable of supporting the above-mentioned utilities for up to two people. Vansmith offers many interior designs for Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

  • BIVY starts at $33K
  • RACK and Roll starts at $63K
  • The OUTPOST conversion design starts from $80K
  • Conversion design customized to meet your needs. Price is determined by user preferences.

What started

Rayn and Matt were both disappointed to have been part of an auction that sought to donate money from the auction to charity. The prizes included dinner with Magic Johnson, court-side seats to a Laker game, and court-side tickets at a Laker game. Rayn and Matt lost out as the auction price rose.

Unusual charity ideas at Vansmith . :

It is possible to still use this outdated method of raising money for charity. People who participate in such auctions can enjoy luxuries and are already wealthy. People who have little to no means of contributing can still bid. Auctions that are aimed at raising money for charity will offer the highest bidders exclusive prizes. To win prizes, bidders who bid lower amounts will eventually be outbid.

How does this work?

Rayn and Matt were disappointed and created This innovative website helps charities and donors plan win-win scenarios. Vansmith makes it easy to donate as low at $20, $255, $50, $100, $150, and $150 towards charity. No matter how small the donation, all donors are eligible to win prizes.


The current call for donations will close on 28 May 2022. The winner for the Mercedes Sprinter Van Mercedes Sprinter Van is expected to be announced by 15 June 2022. Omaze.comoffers great value as donors primarily want to donate amounts to charity. The donors are eligible to win prizes as a result of the donation process!

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