On-Demand App Ideas for Businesses to Succeed in 2023

2023 is here, and in this digital edge, you can get anything with just a few clicks. 

If starving, you will have an app that delivers the food outside your home. If you search for a ride to be present at any location, you will get a taxi waiting for you outside your door. If you want to book an appointment with your clients at the salon, you can opt for an on-demand appointment reminder app.

This much comfort is a reason the demand for on-demand apps is urging every day. The apps also contributed notably throughout the global health crisis when social distancing was crucial. 

If we focus on enterprises, it is almost unfeasible to run a smooth business without technology’s involvement. Almost each business facet is heavily influenced by cutting-edge technologies. 

For brands to keep pace with digital technologies, it is mandatory to revolutionise their traditional business models as early as possible. 

Global enterprises or startups use mobile apps ranging from basic to complex operations Mobile app development services in New Jersey and across the globe get many clients’ requests to build future-ready software solutions. 

The worldwide mobile app market was USD 187.58 billion by the end of 2021. It is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 13.4% from 2022 – 2030. 

Audiences keep demanding things of their interests and requirements. 

Connecting with users individually is crucial to deliver excellent user satisfaction. For that, on-demand businesses are in vogue, boosting the popularity of mobile-based businesses. 

If you are looking for on-demand app ideas for your dream business, here we have mentioned some of them worth your focus. 

So let’s dig in.

Innovative On-Demand App Ideas Worth Considering 

|1. On-Demand Uber-like Apps for Travelling

The market of ridesharing has seen tremendous growth in the last couple of years. Businesses use leading-edge technology to connect drivers and passengers using the Consumer to Consumer business model. 

These organisations work as a platform to facilitate car owners to use taxis whenever they want to. 

You will have a manifold of options to build on-demand travelling apps including,

  • Taxi booking apps 
  • Cargo logistic apps 
  • Price comparison and travel advice app 
  • Bicycle riding apps
  • E-scooter apps
  • Road-trip planning apps

With the major success of the Uber app and similar apps like Lyft, Gett, Careem, etc., the transport and logistics sector discovered a new direction.

With an Uber-like on-demand app, you can develop multiple delightful features.  

Features to Develop

  • Live traffic updates
  • Ride rescheduling
  • Bookings
  • GPS navigator
  • Ratings
  • Free cancellation
  • Payment integration
  • Saved destination
  • On-boarding
  • Push notifications 
  • Route monitoring 

Well-known Taxi Booking Apps: Uber, Ola, Lyft, Careem, Cabify, Curb, Bolt, Gett, Blacklane, and more.  

|2. On-Demand E-Learning Mobile App

An e-learning app is a system that enables interactional online services. It helps educators, learners, and other learning industry investors to exchange learning information, tools, resources, and more. 

Learners can register themselves and log in to the application to study their interesting subjects. Teachers can share material with the students relevant to their specialised area. Students can get in touch with the tutors and clear their queries at any time from anywhere.

The e-learning market size is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 13% from 2020 to 2026.

The below-mentioned factors are likely to influence the rise of the e-learning market during the forecast period:

  • Expansion of Blended Learning in Education Technology
  • The digital revolution in education and training
  • The requirement for professional workforce skills increasing the market
  • Growing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Apps in E-learning

You will have a manifold of options to build E-learning On-demand apps including,

  • Student Management Systems (SMS)
  • Virtual Classroom Software
  • Assessment Software
  • Video Conferencing Software
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Online Tutoring Platform
  • Children’s Mini-Games in the Educational App Development
  • Homeschooling: E-learning Apps for Parents

Features to Develop

  • Easy profile creation and profile management
  • Connectivity with learners
  • Video chat feature, Feedback
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Individual assessment
  • Online group studies
  • Ask queries through chat
  • Take mock tests
  • Select teachers of your choice
  • User, Subject, Chat, Content management
  • Easy subscription
  • Schedule class sessions

Well-known E-learning Apps: Google Classroom, Kahoot, Zoom education, Seesaw, Photomath, Socrative, Edmodo, Scratch, and more.

|3. On-Demand Car Servicing App

In today’s market, on-demand car servicing app development is in demand. Individuals feel highly comfortable with these apps as whenever any need arises, they can hire specialists from the on-demand apps no matter at what time and place. 

It provides flexibility to resolve the daily challenges of people and businesses by developing mobile-based app services.  

The worldwide car wash services market is expected to reach 38.61 billion USD by the end of 2030, with a CAGR of 3.1% during the forecast period. 

People with busy schedules make the transformation from ‘do-it-yourself’ to ‘do-it-for-me’. The thought of “all-new, all the time” drives car servicing centres’ popularity as automated car servicing turned out to be the standard for vehicle owners throughout the last couple of decades. 

In the automobile care sector, advanced technologies and equipment have enhanced servicing process, earned market share, and elevated users’ expectations.

Features to Develop

  • Live Tracking
  • Advanced Search Filters (type of service, scheduling, mechanic’s information, etc.)
  • Car Owner, Mechanic, and Admin Dashboard
  • Multi Payment Options
  • Service History
  • Transparent pricing
  • In-app Wallet
  • Chatbot
  • Multilingual
  • Secure payments
  • Easy Navigation

Well-known Car-servicing Apps: CARFAX Car Care, Drivvo, AUTOsist, My Car, Fuelly, Simply Auto, Openbay, Auto Care 1, and more.

|4. On-Demand Restaurant Booking App

Nowadays, people want a seamless experience with their dinners, starting from restaurant reservations. Thus, the need for online reservation systems is increasing. 

Usually, these on-demand restaurant booking applications allow users to manage bookings online. Using these systems restaurant businesses address emerging needs for greater convenience and superior user experience.

Earlier, reservations for restaurants were performed by the staff on phone calls and by writing names and times on paper. It was a time-consuming process. 

With modern technology and a growing number of internet-connected users, restaurant reservation apps enable the appearance of online restaurant reservations, on a restaurant’s website, or through a third-party reservation service.

Features to Develop

  • Restaurant Search
  • Making a reservation
  • Private Dining
  • Rewards Program
  • Gift Cards
  • User Profile Options
  • Help Section & Blog

The need to increase revenue and mitigate operational cost is essential in a highly competitive environment. Cutting-edge technology and software accepted by restaurant reservation software facilitate brands to earn more ROI. 

Moreover, it has reduced the need for manual labour work and other operational costs needed to maintain manual workflow.

With this software, the trend of on-demand restaurant reservations evolved, and today, anyone can easily book through this system. Based on the restaurant’s location, staff, traffic, etc., parameters, it is simple to opt for the best restaurant. 

Well-known Restaurant Booking Apps: Tablein, Opentable, Eat App, Yelp Reservation, Resy, Tock, Table Agent, I Know the Chef, Wisely, Venuelytics, Eveve, and more.

|5. On-Demand Health services

Mobile health/mHealth is concerned with medicine and public health services through smart devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. 

The future of on-demand health apps is definitely about to rise extensively.    

You will have a manifold of options to build on-demand healthcare apps including,

  • Telehealth app
  • Appointment scheduling app 
  • Medication reminder app 
  • Therapy app
  • Doctor house calls 
  • Affordable on-demand care
  • Prescription discount app 
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Activity tracker app
  • Dermatology services app
  • Women’s healthcare app 

On-demand applications that make personal healthcare smooth are pretty large-scale. For smooth accessibility for broad-spectrum users, you can create applications that execute flawlessly on different Smart devices and screen sizes. 

Not only that, you need to emphasise the app development that facilitates access through websites. You will find many users more comfortable with a desktop or laptop when it comes to executing tasks. 

Ensure you provide multiple ways to get in touch with healthcare providers like video calling, phone chats, safe messaging, live chatbots, and more. 

Features to Develop

  • Patient data collection 
  • Personalised updates
  • Professional network 
  • Prescription 
  • Instant medical aid
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Lucrative offers and discounts
  • Reminders 
  • Personal trainers 
  • Payment gateway 
  • Health monitoring 
  • Geolocation
  • Reviews 

Well-known Healthcare Apps: Doctor On Demand, Teladoc, Amwell, Heal, First Derm, Maven, ZocDoc, GoodRx, Medisafe, Healow, Talkspace, WebMD, and more. 

|6. On-demand Beauty Service apps

Digital technologies facilitate a modern and viable business model for spa and beauty salons. 

Using beauty service apps, users do not suffer more while getting their desired slots.     

We anticipate that the online beauty services sector will reach a trillion-dollar as tons of brands, makeup experts, stylists, beauticians, etc., are getting benefits using mobile apps to get better with their business. End-users leverage various beauty service apps at affordable prices. 

You will have a manifold of options to build on-demand beauty service apps including,

  • Salon beauty services at home
  • Appointment booking for salons
  • Home delivery of beauty products
  • Home-based skincare and wellness services 
  • Hiring beauty professionals for an occasion

If you are already an owner of a beauty parlour and spa, now is the right time to go for an on-demand app development for your business that helps you with more profit and ROI.

With the help of professional mobile app developers from New Jersey, you can build an all-inclusive app with mandatory features.    

Features to Develop

  • Social Signup/Login
  • Push Notification
  • Service Rating & Review
  • In-App Chat With The Provider
  • SMS Authentication
  • Number Masking In-App Call 
  • Upload Video Portfolio
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • In-App Navigation
  • Real-time Dashboards & Analytics
  • Multiple Mobile Wallet Integration
  • Content Management System
  • Marketing & Promotion Tools

Well-known Beauty Service Apps: Blow, Glamsquad, Missbeez, Urban, Belita, Ma Coiffeuse Afro, Singu, Priv. 

|7. On-demand Grocery App 

People are being dependent on grocery apps that save tons of time by delivering household groceries to their doorsteps.

Users can search and choose the needed items using the on-demand grocery app. It is one of the simplest ways to order household things online. 

They are cloned apps that deliver services similar to well-known grocery apps like Krogers or Walmart. You can also build similar apps to start your online business.

The online grocery market had sales approx 95.8b dollars in 2020. The sales are anticipated to grow to 187.7b dollars by the end of 2024.  

Features to Develop

  • Profile creation and editing, Signup and Login
  • Search groceries
  • Checking grocery stores
  • Add to cart option, Schedule Orders
  • Payment gateway, Order History
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Reviews and rating option
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Content and Order Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Loyalty program offers and schemes
  • Analytics
  • GPS Tracking and Maps
  • Status Update
  • In-app Chat and Calling

Well-known Grocery Apps: Instacart, Big Basket, Farmigo, Walmart, AmazonFresh, Grofers, Shipt, Instashop, Google Express, and more. 

|8. On-Demand House Cleaning Service Apps 

The advanced technology innovations including on-demand cleaning apps offer customers the preferred convenience and ensure more preciseness with credibility when they search for cleaning service support.   

The worldwide online On-Demand Home Services Market size is anticipated to achieve 3107.12 Bn U.S. Dollars during the forecast period at a CAGR of 40.5%.

An on-demand house cleaning app helps people have a tight daily routine. It is difficult for them to clean their houses, and that is the reason they opt for hiring professional cleaners who help them with home cleaning daily.  

They offer services for,

  • Home Renovation
  • Home Construction 
  • Services regarding Electricians, Plumbers, etc. 
  • Home Maintenance 
  • Dishwashing 
  • Vacuuming 
  • Floor cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning

For people, it is challenging to find a reliable person, and it is also a tedious task to look for the best agency/people to clean a house. That is why an on-demand house cleaning app performs its role.   

Customers can conveniently hire cleaners from their generated profiles and get in touch with them quickly to clean houses, luxurious villas, farmhouses, and more. 

Features to Develop

  • Registration 
  • Push notifications 
  • Payment gateway 
  • One tap booking, View and Cancel bookings 
  • Select cleaning types and check cleaner availability 
  • Dashboards and statistics 
  • Live consultation
  • Promotions and offers 
  • Subscription packages 
  • In-app navigation 
  • Invoicing and billing 
  • GPS tracking 
  • Job history details 

Well-known House Cleaning Apps: Thumbtack, Urban Company (UrbanClap), Family Handyman, HouseJoy, Mr Right, TaskRabbit, Good Guys Home Service, Handyman, and more. 

Other On-Demand App Ideas you would like to opt for  

Flight-booking appsInsurance apps Resume updater apps
Video-streaming apps Information about local events apps Project management apps 
Inventory management apps Navigation apps for blind peopleInvoicing apps 
Fuel top-up apps Tutor apps Grocery apps 
Food delivery apps Vacation rental apps Pet care apps 
Talent hiring apps Mall navigation apps Criminal alert app 
Gift delivery apps Finance and bill management apps Note-taking apps 
Text-reader apps Food safety and health inspection appsCaller image identifier apps 

In a Nutshell 

Consumer behaviour is ever-changing with the evolving digitisation. Using smart devices, it is easy to have quick access to emails, texts, media, and many more online activities. It aids with faster, simpler, and more effective interactions. 

Fast-paced companies competing in this field have created advanced business models to revolutionise the industries that otherwise dawdle in terms of smartness and innovation. 

In the world of on-demand app solutions, the restaurant and transportation industries are one of the best examples of notable growth on top of existing infrastructure. 

You can opt for the most suitable on-demand app ideas mentioned above to get into the on-demand business. A mindfully built mobile application can grab more attention from the targeted audience. 

So get in touch with an experienced mobile app development company in New Jersey for a superior outcome and exceptional end-user satisfaction. 

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