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Original Ways to Support a Friend in Need or Sickness

Have you ever been in such a situation: a friend of yours is in trouble or feels sick, and you’re eager to support him or her, but you don’t know how to do it? Let’s find out a few ways on how to help your buddy overcome a difficult period!

Help Your Close Person Get Distracted

One way to take care of your friend is to know how to distract him/her. That can be too tough if a person is alone with negative and self-deprecating thoughts. Ask your loved one if he wants to clear his head. Suggest something specific, like “Would you mind watching a movie together?” “Let’s go for a walk?” or “Do you want to create something together?”

Prepare a Pleasant Surprise

If your friend isn’t in the mood or not feeling well, then cheer him/her up with balloons. The primary thing you can do is a bouquet of colored balloons. They can also have inscriptions with good wishes like on the get well soon balloons. Balloon fountains can replace a trivial card that is usually given to a sick person. Or you can make your own box of balloons. Decorate them with wishes, the recipient’s name, pictures, or glitter. As an option, buy balloons with feathers or confetti, foil balloons, or products of different shapes. It all depends on your imagination. 

Travel Without Leaving Home

You don’t even have to pack a suitcase and spend money on tickets. Have a theme night dedicated to some warm exotic country. How about India? Cook a dish of spiced rice, light a scented stick and immerse yourself in a world of Bollywood masterpieces. 

Get an Unusual Hobby

Nothing lifts your spirits like the thought of a photography class, a guitar master class, or a meeting of fans of your favorite game ahead of you. Encourage your friend to get together and distract them from their heavy thoughts.

Make a Picnic

In fine weather, take a basket with snacks and go to the nearby park to stop considering what’s gone wrong. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables greatly improves your mood and gives a sense of well-being. If you want a fancy feast, visit a vegetarian restaurant together and eat a lot of plant-based foods to make life brighter and more positive.

Take Up Yoga or Meditation

We live in a state of stress all the time. Yoga and meditation are what help us deal with it. Besides, these activities soothe and improve mood, help see the perspective and find solutions to problems that didn’t come to mind in everyday life.

Bring Back Memories

Ask a friend to remember what good things have happened in life lately. If your close friend is having problems in the family or at work, ask what he/she is thankful for. Reflecting on positive moments, good deeds, and responsive people will help your friend shift focus, gain perspective, and experience some relief.

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