Owen Hart Cause Of Death What Happened To Owen Hart?

Owen Hart, a shining star in the world of professional wrestling, met a tragic end in 1999 during a stunt gone awry. His death shocked the wrestling community and fans worldwide, leading to changes in safety protocols for performers and stunts in the industry. Components So what transpired during that fateful night, and what legacy did Owen Hart leave behind?

Who Was Owen Hart?

Born on May 7, 1965, Owen James Hart was a Canadian professional wrestler famed for his association with various wrestling promotions. Known by his stage name “The Blue Blazer,” Owen was the youngest of the 12 children of the renowned Hart wrestling family. Embedded Reporting Over his illustrious career, Owen achieved notable accolades, including winning the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship and the WWF Intercontinental Championship twice.

What Led to Owen Hart’s Fatal Accident?

On May 23, 1999, during a WWE pay-per-view event at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, Owen was scheduled to make a stunt entrance. He was to be lowered into the ring from the arena rafters. Tragically, the equipment malfunctioned, causing Owen to fall about 78 feet. The impact led to blunt force trauma to his chest, which proved fatal. Initial shock made some audience members think it was a part of the act, but the grave reality soon dawned on everyone.

Was Substance Abuse a Contributing Factor?

An immediate question that arose post-incident was whether substance abuse might have impaired Owen’s judgment that night. However, thorough investigations confirmed the absence of alcohol or drugs in his system. While unmarked prescription pill bottles were found in Hart’s hotel room, substances from these bottles were not detected in his system during the autopsy, ruling them out as contributing factors.

How Has WWE Reacted to the Tragedy?

The incident had profound repercussions on the wrestling world. WWE, then WWF, canceled the rest of the pay-per-view event and suspended the planned storyline for the evening. The following day, a tribute episode of “Raw is War” was aired in honor of Owen. The entire WWE roster assembled on the entrance ramp, observing a 10-bell salute as a mark of respect. This tragic incident also catalyzed changes in safety protocols and practices, ensuring better safety for performers during high-risk stunts.

What Changes Were Made to Wrestling Stunts Post-Incident?

Owen Hart’s untimely demise led to a renewed focus on ensuring the safety of wrestling performers, especially during high-risk stunts. Typically, stunts of this nature would employ a metal carabiner with backup safety latches. However, in an attempt to expedite the unhooking process, a quick release snap shackle was used for Hart’s stunt. Post-investigations revealed that this decision, aiming to eliminate lag time in unhooking, played a pivotal role in the tragic outcome.

How is Owen Hart Remembered Today?

Despite the tragic occasions of his passing, Owen Hart is fondly remembered as considered one of WWE’s most talented and loved wrestlers. His legacy is celebrated, and he’s commemorated by means of fanatics and fellow wrestlers. Owen’s loss of life also serves as a somber reminder of the dangers related to the enjoyment enterprise and the paramount importance of protection.

Owen Hart’s passing is an indelible mark in the history of expert wrestling. While his absence is felt deeply, his legacy as an amazing performer lives on, reminding absolutely everyone of the expertise, aura, and willpower he introduced to the wrestling ring.

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