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Oxgifts Reviews Does Oxgifts Legit ?

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OxGifts.com is an online store that sells Winter Quilt, Duvets, and a kid’s embroidery kit online within the United States. OxGifts.com is a site where you can browse through Velvet Winter Quilts and Stylish Duvets if you want to purchase one. In addition, if you wish to purchase a gorgeous animal-themed embroidery Kit it is essential to know about OxGifts.com.

However, prior to purchasing through OxGifts.com We recommend that you read Oxgifts reviews to verify its legitimacy and stay clear of scams on the internet.

An Introduction to the Website

OxGifts.com is a tiny company offering kid’s beds pillows, blankets, and other bedding online. OxGifts.com strives to be at the forefront of selling appealing items with eye-catching and bright colours that feature cartoons that children enjoy. But, OxGifts.com features only 14 items that include:

  • Kit for Embroidery that includes pictures depicting Bear Driver, Giraffe, Frog Prince, Mermaid, Little Lion, Little Bear Baby, Crocodile, Magic Bunny, Strawberry
  • Winter Quilt made of British French and Carved Velvet
  • Duvet with Light Luxury Style, and with Royal Impression

Features to Check Is Oxgifts a legitimate company ?

  • Buy different products at: https://www.OxGifts.com.
  • Social Media Link:not listed on OxGifts.com websites.
  • Cost:ranges between $29.99 and $58.80.
  • Telephone (or) the Whatsapp phone number is There is no mention of the number.
  • Address for email:[email protected]
  • Owner’s information:Xiubin Zhuang is the director of management at Bin Estrella Gmbh that owns OxGifts.com.
  • Newsletters:OxGifts.com does not offer support for Newsletters.
  • Physical Address: Pallaswiesenstrabe# 180, 64293 Darmstadt’, Hessen, Germany.
  • customer reviews and Blogs: not supported on OxGifts.com.
  • Method of payment:in US$ from all major Credit Cards and PayPal.
  • Oxgifts reviews of the Privacy Policy: mentioned but, the content was copied from two other websites.
  • The Terms and Conditions The terms and conditions are mentioned, but the text was copied from a variety of websites.
  • tracking:Possible on OxGifts.com using the tracking number.
  • Delivery:Products are shipped via DHL UPS, DHL UPSP and FedEx with processing times of 1 to 3 weeks from OxGifts.com.
  • delivery:The products are delivered within six days from OxGifts.com.
  • cancellation:Permitted via email within 12 hours.
  • Return Policies:Return address needs to be received from customer support, and the items have to return within 30 calendar days.
  • Returns Oxgifts Review confirms that the timeframe of refunds isn’t mentioned on OxGifts.com.

Pros of the Website

  • There aren’t many advantages of purchasing at OxGifts.com aside from the fact that the site lets you browse the products in a short time.

Cons of the Website

  • There are numerous websites available on the internet, such as eymfash.com which are a replica of the OxGifts.com website. This suggests that OxGifts.com may be fraudulent. Scam.
  • Poor design for the website of OxGifts.com
  • A limited selection of products are can be purchased on OxGifts.com
  • In the absence of a contact number or address located in Germany can make it difficult to contact Support personnel.
  • The pages of hidden products were discovered on OxGifts.com.

Does Oxgifts Legit ?

  • OxGifts.com The date of creation Date: 11th August 2021, 07:00 AM.
  • OxGifts.com Age: 4 months and 5 days old.
  • OxGifts.com Ends:11th August 2022, 07:00 AM.
  • Alexa rank:OxGifts.com achieved a terrible Alexa rating of 7,839,222.
  • Trust Index: OxGifts.com has a low trust score of 2% .
  • Situation of Blacklisting OxGifts.com was not blacklisted on any blacklisting engines.
  • Connection Securitysecured HTTPS has been found on OxGifts.com.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: OxGifts.com achieved a 45/100 suspicion score, a negative highlight.
  • A score of Phishinga 55%/100 for OxGifts.com.
  • threat profile:a77/100 This is inadequate.
  • Spam score: 75/100 based on reviews by Oxgifts information this is a negative indicator.
  • The Malware score is the score is 72 out of 100, and is called to be a disaster.
  • Social Relations: OxGifts.com does not appear on any social media platforms.
  • Contact for the owner:Xiubin Zhuang’s contact information is not listed on OxGifts.com.
  • The contact person isnot provided on OxGifts.com.
  • Trust Ranking: 14.1/100 is the trust score of the website.

Clients OxGifts.com Reviews

Five online reviews of OxGifts.com demonstrate that it’s likely to be an Scam and is a dangerous website. Additionally two YouTube video reviews show that OxGifts.com may be an Scam.

No reviews or feedback from customers (or) ratings could be found on the internet, OxGifts.com,


Review of Oxgifts confirmed it is clear that OxGifts.com was not an genuine site since none of the customers confirmed that they received their orders. Also, none of the customer reviews and feedback was published for OxGifts.com. OxGifts.com is a brand new website that is scheduled to shut down within one year;

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