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7 Packaging Artwork Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Our eyes are always on the packaging, but we might never think of what the process of packaging is? How can they create so perfectly without knowing what a customer wants? Because everyone has different choices and seeing the packaging loved by all must have required a lot of hard work and knowledge.

There’s always so much going on in the process of designing the perfect packaging. The office will be filled with arguments, discussion, sharing information, and talking about their ideas. A proper environment can be seen where every small detail is trying to cover, but sometimes there can be small things that get ignored. This can be due to small communication gaps, unfinished discussions, etc. That’s why brands are opting for packaging artwork management software to reduce such mistakes. There can be these 7 common packaging mistakes that you need to avoid, these are: –

Ignoring The Functionality

Packaging is such an important feature for any product. It is the first thing that a customer will notice so it becomes really important to design something unique and attractive. But sometimes companies/ brands forget the main reason for using packaging and end up focusing only on designing. The packaging is the protective cover of the product. While transporting packaging will keep the product safe from ruining and getting damaged. And if you will just focus on good designing of packaging ignoring its function that can cause big damage to the product. Companies need to find a balance of that.

Solution for this issue

Before designing, doing proper research and testing of packaging can help in saving the product in such situations. Looking for tough packaging alternatives which can also be designed should be the main focus of packaging designers.  

Wasting Packaging/ Excess Packaging 

Online retailers making ‘significant improvements’ to packaging

Many products come with too much extra packaging which isn’t required. Yes, it is important to keep the product safe but if you pack it too extra first it will not give a good unboxing experience to the customer, second, the extra packaging will be such a waste, third if it’s not recyclable it will harm the environment. These days consumers are pickier about such stuff as they are also trying to play their role in saving the planet. So theory prefers brands that are more environmentally friendly. 

The solution for this misUnderstanding how much packaging is enough to keep your product safe, do not overstuff or overdue it. Also, many environment-friendly packaging options are good in protecting the product and can be printed. Customers will be happy about it. You should look for packaging that is compostable, recyclable, and reusable.

Using Work Without Licensing It

Packaging requires so much stuff like images, fonts, pictures, illustrations, etc. So these kinds of data are usually gained through the internet which is done by someone else. If such things are directly used without licensing or purchasing it can cause issues like financial penalties, copyright headings which can ruin the reputation of the product. Such kinds of mistakes should be avoided at any cost, you can use them for understanding or taking as reference but do directly use these on your products. 

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Solution for this issue

Whenever you choose any content try to double-check it before using it in your packaging. This way you will be sure at least that no item used needed licensing. 

Not Having The Required Knowledge About Product

Every company develops and sells so many products, there can be parts where they didn’t research too much about it. Usually, this doesn’t happen in big companies as they have special teams to do that. This is important because the packaging might include some wrong information about the product which is misleading. Legal action and penalties can be taken against that product because consumers trust the companies that anything mentioned on packaging and labeling must be true only. 

Solution for this issue

Every project should be considered as the most important project, detailed analysis should be made, discussion related to final packaging will be a must. In this, at least any of them will notice the error. 

Product Packaging Not Representing The Brand

How Popular Brand Packaging Changes Overseas on Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery

A brand spends so many years creating its unique identity and image. The brand name never changes without any serious circumstances, and even if it did it will cost good money. But the brand develops so many products sometimes to create something new and unique they ignore the brand’s vibe and customers can’t relate the product to the brand. For example, your brand is about vintage fashion and accessories, and you paired that with minimal packaging, they won’t resonate with each other. 

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Solution for this issue

 Trying and testing is the only best option to choose between options. The packaging has to be compared and employees can accept or reject based on their feeling about the packaging. No random or new style should be added before improving and modifying the product. 


Doing Too Extra On Packaging

110 Deception in packaging ideas | serving size, photography pictures, packaging

These are the points where almost every manufacturer can agree, to create a packaging that is unique and appealing they sometimes end up doing too much extra. For a consumer getting a satisfying unboxing experience gives the same serotonin as eating chocolate. If the package is too complex to open, they have to struggle to open it which will ruin their experience of unboxing. 

Solution for this issue

The trend now is about simple and minimalist things, this should also be applied to the package. Either you can just make the process of opening easier or you can mention clear instructions on how to open it. Sometimes the product does need extra layering and protection but that shouldn’t be challenging the patience level of a customer. 

Lacking In Branding

Sometimes the packaging design hides/ outcast the product image and information. For a brand its name and identity are very important as the product will be defined by the product name. This is like doing a good job and getting no appreciation, people may like the product, they might also like the packaging but there is such a huge probability that they don’t recognize the brand.

Solutions for this issue

This is important that logic can be visible. Try to place the packaging design in such a way that it somehow points at the brand logo, or keep it in the middle of the packaging.

Do not just follow the process done by other companies, create custom things for your product that will make it more unique. It will give a personality to the packaging. 

Wrapping It Up!

Even though the company/ brand is already professional in their work, sometimes small details can be missed and later can be an issue. That’s why double-checking the final product before launching is important. Try things yourself before selling it will be the perfect advice for any manufacturer. 

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