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Packing Works And Furniture Disassembling: Should Movers Do It?

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Moving to a new place is no simple feat. Whether it is a local or interstate move, you’ve got a long to-do list. But among these tasks, packing and furniture disassembly can be the most challenging. Should you let movers do it? 

Americans tend to move a lot. According to the US Census Bureau, about one in every 8.5 people move to a new home every year. 

People move for various reasons. Livability lists the top five reasons why Americans relocate that include a better place, a family reason, a housing reason, establishing a new household, and job transfer. More than twice movers relocate within the same suburb or county, and the rest move to a new state. But regardless of the circumstances of your relocation, one thing’s for sure, you’ve got a lot of stuff to pack.

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De-cluttering and boxing all of your items are tedious and physically exhausting, but disassembling and packing furniture is even more taxing. Before you decide to relocate your furniture items, especially chairs, sofas, and beds, make sure they will fit through the hallways, stairwell, and doorway of your new place. If it won’t, then you might need to sell or give it away. Moving consultants at Torex Moving Company remind clients that it is better to leave furniture than take them with you and later on find out it won’t fit or be used in your new home. Also, check the threemovers.com website.

Will Moving Companies Pack and Disassemble My Stuff and Furniture?

Yes, they can pack and disassemble, but it comes for a price. If you have no time to pack and disassemble your furniture, you can avail of complete moving services. This service covers everything from planning to packing to furniture disassembly and reassembly to transport.

The cost depends on the complexity of the project. The more the items to pack and furniture to assemble, the pricier it gets. In general, moving contractors charge an hourly rate for packing and furniture disassembly. Some companies offer a flat rate based on their assessment of your place. For example, they might charge a few hundred dollars to pack a single-bedroom residence. They will check the type and volume of items that need to be boxed and loaded.

Of course, enlisting professional movers to do the packing works and furniture disassembly comes with many benefits. Aside from unburdening you of these tedious tasks, experienced packers ensure that your furniture is intact and in perfect condition throughout the move. They have the necessary tools and equipment to dismantle and re-assemble delicate furniture.

If you are not physically capable, packing your stuff can be a struggle. Likewise, if you’re not handy, you might have a difficult time dismantling furniture as well as re-assemble. Some fragile and unique furniture pieces require expertise to safely disassemble, and you may need special tools or a manual to get everything broken down.

Many items in your household need special packing. Breakable items like glassware, china, ceramics, TV, and other appliances must be appropriately packed. These items pose a considerable hazard when moving, and if not properly wrapped and packed, they can get damaged during transport.

Furniture items like beds, desks, wardrobes, dressers, and tables can all be taken apart for easier and safer transport. Disassembling furniture will not only make the relocation simpler but can also help cut the transportation costs. Instead of renting a large truck, breaking down the furniture pieces into parts allows for a smaller transport vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Of course, hiring professional movers for these jobs can mean additional expenses. If you are running on a budget, you can always disassemble furniture pieces yourself. You’ll need the right tools, the manual, and perhaps some video tutorials from YouTube to figure out how to properly dismantle the furniture. And once you arrive in your new place, you need the same energy to assemble the items.

Although moving companies can disassemble your furniture, they often recommend that you take them apart and assemble them again yourself. This should help you save money and make the moving day faster. Talk with your prospective moving contractor to find out the best option in your circumstances.

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