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Korean Drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The story takes place in 1998 and tells stories of teenagers who discover new directions and development after their hopes were removed. Two individuals first meet at age 22 and 18 and can be romantically involved after turning twenty-five and 21. You can watch this dorama, Korean doramas, and Chinese doramas with Spanish subtitles on pandrama. Pandrama is one of the best platforms in Mexico and Spain to watch doramas in HD quality.

Na Hee Do is a participant in her high school’s fencing team. Because of the South Korean financial crisis, the fencing team of the high school was separated. After overcoming all the challenges, she is now a part of the nation’s fencing squad. The South Korean financial crisis also makes her father’s business fail. 

The result is a life shift for Baek Yi Jin, from living the lifestyle of a rich person to living as a poor one. While studying, he does part-time jobs such as the delivery of newspapers. He will become a sports reporter with the broadcasting network in the future.


This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix K-Drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 6. Seung-Wan advises Yi-Hyun to apologize to his brother during their radio talk show. He accepts what she says. Yi-Jin brings his mom to the Internet cafe. The woman is on a video call and her spouse. She is crying after seeing him.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 6 Recap

Note: From now out, there are plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Twenty-Five Twenty One Episode 6.

Mom is delighted to stroll with Yi-Jin along the beach. She informs him that she never regretted her decision to marry his father. She encourages him to find an attractive girl. He informs her that the girl he loves doesn’t want to go off. She smiles as she glances at him. She rubs his face and informs her that she is confident in him. He embraces her.

Yi-Jin is on the train. He recalls that he had told Hee-Do to be patient with Yi-Jin. He reads the note Yi-Hyun sent to Yi-Hyun. Yi-Hyun apologizes to him and tells him to pay attention to his music.

Yi-Jin tries to call the payphone, but another reporter is using the phone. Yi-Jin’s superior phone calls and asks him to locate a landline. Yi-Jin locates the landline at the pet salon; however, it’s blocked by dogs. Yi-Jin is trying to convince those dogs to stay. They keep barking.

Yi-Jin has no idea how to walk through the city after his first cover did not work. He wanders past the bookstore and learns that volume 15 in Full House has been released. A person recognizes Hee-Do on the airplane. Yu-Rim is looking at Hee Do. Hee-Do comes home and puts the medals she won upon the desk. She discovers she’s missing a gold medal. She looks at the sword and tells Yi-Jin to take care of him.


Hee-Do visits Seung-Wan, and then she returns the tapes. She spills that she hung out with Yi-Jin. Seung-Wan accompanies Hee-Do into the class. Ji-Woong was surprised to meet Hee-Do in the classroom. He walks up to Yu-Rim shortly after she arrives. He informs her that He’s great at learning. He notes that Hee-Do has an all-new school bag. He believes it’s beautiful. He puts it on. Yu-Rim glances at her school bag.

Hee-Do constantly defeats Yu-Rim throughout the exercise. The coach has a conversation with Yu-Rim. He advises her not to be defeated the next time. Hee-Do can hear it and goes back to the dorm. Yu-Rim is angry and tries to shut the door when she sees Hee-Do.

Hee-Do tells Yurim that she listened to her and the coach’s speech. She yells at her that she continues to cause trouble for her. Hee-Do replies that she’d like to win too. She informs her that she’s an open book for her. She accuses her of not paying attention to her. She claims that she got the umbrella she loves gifted by her.

Yu-Rim is crying after realizing that she is loved by Hee-Do greatly. However, she advises her to be her lover. Hee-Do is furious that she has a confrontation with Yu-Rim. Yi-Jin comes across Hee-Do on the street. He walks over to her and observes that her forehead hurts.

Hee-Do informs Yi Jin she quarreled with Yu-Rim. She also says that she wanted to be able to work with Yu-Rim. He informs her that he is a journalist. This makes her feel happy. She invites him for dinner with her. Ho-Jin is introduced as her boyfriend to him.

The hand of Hee-Do is injured when she slices the pie. Ho-Jin can take care of her hand. Yi-Jin smiles when he is informed that the two had only been friends in three short days. Hee-Do wins the game. Yi-Jin gets excited. She observes the coach speaking with Yu-Rim. She informs her that she is sure Yu-Rim will be his friend.

Hee-Do bumps into Yu-Rim in the hallway. Hee-Do ignores her and attempts to get away. But Heero stops her and tells her He’s determined to fulfill her goals. However, Yu-Rim informs him that she’ll fail at her dreams. Hee-Do drags Yuri-Rim around and demands she feels safe when someone bumps her.

Hee-Do learns somebody had stolen the sword she was using. She goes in search of the person. Yu-Rim isn’t willing to participate in the interview because she saw Yi-Jin. She accuses him of fleeing from her. He claims that he wasn’t sure enough and did not dare meet her. She then asks him if he’s seen Hee-Do. He acknowledges it and tells her Hee-Do was in the street. She blames him because she said it was her promise.

Hee-Do can find her sword. The person who took her sword informs her that she is convinced she will receive an award of gold. Yi-Jin learns that Hee-Do’s train is stopped. He decides to collect her. Jung-Hyuk comes across Yi-Jin and believes that he will bring him home. However, Yi-Jin eludes him with Hee-Do.

Yi-Jin aids Hee-Do in getting into his vehicle. She fears that she’ll be denied the chance to win the gold medal. He assures her by saying they’ll be at the gym on time. However, the road is blocked by cops. Yi-Jin calls the chief officer and informs him that they’ll claim their gold award. The chief cop let the police officers open the road.

Yi-Jin is asked by Hee-Do what she might do if she didn’t have a connection with her. He informs her that He will leave Jung-Hyuk and assist her out. This makes her laugh.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 6 Ending

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Yi-Jin speaks to HeeDo and inquires about how she plans to handle Yu-Rim. She informs him that she has no plan. She says it’s due to the way she fences. She’s thrilled when she thinks about how many people are likely to be watching her. But she’s stunned when she looks at the police vehicles.

Yi-Jin comforted the Hee-Do when police vehicles arrived to arrest her. She’s eager to talk to Hee-Do and ask him to choose between the two Yu-Rims. He picks Yu-Rim since she has an ex-boyfriend. She is angry when she informs him that she has split with Ho-Jin. She tells him she’s not sad that she split up.


Yi-Jin explains that Hee-Do must first fall in love. She looks at him and recalls her sadness when she finds the sword at the gate. The car is parked near the gym. She exits the car and tells him she will be the winner.

Hee-Do is seen entering the gym. She changes and walks out to the stage. It’s dark. The crowd cheers when they can see Hee-Do. Hee-Do takes on Yu-Rim at the final. They start their battle.

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The sixth episode of Twenty Five Twenty One features Kim Tae-Ri, Nam Yoo-Hyuk, and Bona.

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