Passing A Drug Test Is Possible With These Tips And Tricks

When you read the term ‘drug test’ the first thought that comes into mind is breathing in a testing device to cross a police checkpoint. But you should know that there are many other instances where you can be asked to give a valid drug test.

Many employers ask employees for a drug test to assure that no employee is taking drugs while working. Employers can also require a drug test before hiring you or even repeat the test after a few months or weeks to keep a continuous check on employees.

While the best way to pass the drug test is not to take drugs. But if you have taken drugs somehow and still want a hack to pass the drug test then this article got you covered. We are not motivating you to take drugs but just sharing a way out if you somehow ended up taking drugs and have to appear for a drug test.  You will learn about detox pills such as Toxin Rid, synthetic urine products such as Clear Choice Sub Solution and detox drinks like Mega Clean.

Well, before going into the tips and tricks you should know that drug tests are of various types and they all need a different remedy to fool a drug test. This is why you need to understand the type of tests and confirm from the employer what sort of test they will conduct to be prepared for the test by following the relevant trick.

Types Of Drug Test You Might Face

Saliva test: A saliva sample is taken in this test to ascertain the drug intake. This test is effective for detecting recent drug intake. In general, if you have taken a drug then it will be detected through a saliva test if the test is conducted within 7 days because after that the drug itself is fully excreted from the body.

Hair Follicle test: A sample of hair right from the scalp is taken for this test. It can detect a long-term presence of drug abuse for around 90 days. Though it doesn’t give promising results for marijuana and is mostly conducted to detect cannabis.

Blood test: For this test, a blood sample is taken. The blood test can detect the presence of drug abuse for around 1 to 2 months and is famous for marijuana detection.

Urine test: As you can judge, a urine sample is taken to conduct this test. It can detect the presence of the drug for as long as 1 to 1.5 months. It is conducted to detect marijuana, THC, and cannabis in general. Passing a drug test is actually not hard, whether it’s a urine, blood or saliva drug test. All you need is the right info and enough time to prepare. Most detox products such as Toxin rid detox pills, Mega clean detox drink and high quality synthetic urine products as Sub Solution or Quick Luck are only available in special online stores. If you want to be prepared check out my favorite drug testing FAQ on

Tips On Passing A Drug Test

The major question remain how do pass these above-mentioned drug tests when you already have done drug abuse and need a way out? Here are the tips and tricks that can help you fool the test following the test type.

Just remember that these tips are not 100% reliable and depend heavily on whether you are a light drug abuser or chain smoker. There is a good chance to pass the tests if you occasionally do the drugs but if your body is highly contaminated with regular use of drugs then the chances to fool the test are low.

Urine test: To pass a urine test, the best way is to dilute the concentration of the drug in your urine. This can be done by excessive use of fluids, detox drinks, detox herbal tea, cranberry juice, coffee, etc. Another very effective way is using synthetic urine, you check out a very detailed post about on using synthetic urine for a drug test here:

Blood test: Clean eating, diluting the blood with lots of fluids, and using detox pills or drinks can also help to affect the results of blood drug tests. To speed up the detoxification take Toxin Rid detox pills a few days prior the drug test. This will speed up the detoxification of your body significantly.

Saliva test: You can eat high-fat food to forge the result. Using mouthwash and rinsing your mouth again and again also helps. To ascertain that drug intake is not detected you can use hydrogen peroxide (but it can be dangerous if ingested), vinegar-water mixture, or anti-toxin mouthwash.

The absolute best and safest way to pass a saliva drug test using Oral clear saliva detox gum. This gum clears your saliva within 2 minutes, very easy to hide and basically there is no way to fail with it.

Hair test: To alter the result of the hair follicle test you need to ascertain when have you taken drugs. If it is quite recent, which is less than a week, then you don’t need to worry as it takes around 7 to 10 days after taking drugs to get detected in hair growth. In another case, you can use detox shampoos, treat your hair with bleaching or dyeing, or use a thermal straightener as all these tricks affect the test result. 

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