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Ice hockey legend Patrice Bergeron’s illustrious career is inextricably intertwined with a beautiful love story that began seventeen years ago with Stephanie Bertrand. As Bergeron’s strongest supporter, Stephanie has always been by his side, accompanying him at games, cheering his triumphs, and comforting him in challenges. Their story of commitment, support, and shared passion is the backbone of Bergeron’s success.

The Love Story of Patrice Bergeron and Stephanie Bertrand

In 2006, fate led Patrice Bergeron to cross paths with Stephanie Bertrand, sparking an instant connection that marked the beginning of their journey together. Gradually, their love grew deeper until finally being wed on July 20, 2013. Since then, their bond has only strengthened further each day.

Stephanie: A Partner on and off the Ice

Stephanie’s presence has been a constant in Patrice’s life, attending his games, and supporting him in every possible way. As an active partner, she engages with hockey at a deeper level, accompanying Patrice to NHL award events and sharing in his achievements.

Despite the glamorous lifestyle, the couple enjoys a quiet life at their home in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, central Quebec. Located by the serene Saint Lawrence River, this home is the setting for many of their precious moments together.

The Career of Stephanie Bertrand

Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, Stephanie Bertrand chose a path in education and psychology. Since early 2007, Stephanie was drawn to these fields. With this initial interest as her inspiration, Stephanie decided to attend Laval University in Quebec City and graduated with her BA in Psychology in 2011. Her profound understanding of human behaviour and emotions, stemming from her education, plays a crucial role in supporting her husband’s professional career.

Despite Patrice’s fame, Stephanie remains grounded, prioritising their family life and cherishing their time together.

The Bergeron Family: The Source of Joy and Love

The couple is blessed with four children: Zach, Victoria, Noah, and the newborn, Felix Bergeron. Each of them is a source of joy for the family. Like their father, Zach, Victoria, and Noah show a keen interest in ice hockey and often attend Patrice’s games.

Stephanie’s role as a dedicated and loving mother is evident in the close bond she shares with her children. Her active participation in their lives helps foster a nurturing environment that supports their growth and happiness.

Patrice Bergeron’s Retirement

Patrice Bergeron made an unexpected announcement of his retirement on July 25, 2023 through a farewell letter. In it he paid his four children tribute; Zack, Victoria, Noah and Felix having supported him throughout his professional ice hockey career.

A Look Back at Patrice’s Accomplishments

Patrice Bergeron’s stellar NHL career is marked by numerous achievements. Since joining the Boston Bruins in 2003, he has won the Frank J. Selke Trophy five times, showcasing his exemplary skills as one of the league’s top defensive forwards. His leadership qualities have been recognised with the Mark Messier Leadership Award and the King Clancy Memorial Trophy.

As we bid adieu to Bergeron’s professional hockey career, we honor his legacy: as an attentive husband, loving father, and inspiring leader whose story remains testament to love’s power of healing and support.

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