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Who was Paul Gruber?
Paul Gruber was a retired teacher residing in Sandpoint, Idaho. His tranquil life took a dark turn after he disappeared in January 1994, just after spending the holidays with his daughter in Reno, Nevada. Gruber, described as a dedicated family man, suddenly became the epicenter of a mystery that would haunt Sandpoint for years to come.

When and how did Paul Gruber disappear?
Paul Gruber was last seen on January 5, 1994. His mysterious absence came to light when his daughter, Shellie Kepley, received a suspicious birthday card for her child purportedly from him. The handwriting seemed inconsistent with previous cards, causing alarm. After failing to contact Paul, Shellie reported him missing on February 28, 1994. Authorities found his house empty and belongings vanished, further deepening the mystery.

What led to the discovery of Paul Gruber’s body?
Paul’s body was tragically discovered on August 23, 1995, concealed in a crawl space of a neighboring home. An autopsy showed he had been shot four times. This revelation was chilling and confirmed Shellie’s suspicions that her father had met a grim fate.

Who was the main suspect in the case?
The main suspect was Darryl Kuehl, captured on tape picking up Paul’s mail. Darryl’s defense claimed a business association with Paul. However, his narrative was full of inconsistencies, and police discovered funds from Paul’s accounts funneled to Darryl’s businesses.

How was Darryl Kuehl linked to the crime?
Blood stains matching Paul’s DNA were found beneath a rug in his home. Handwriting analysis linked Darryl to the suspicious birthday card and other checks. DNA from postage stamps further implicated him. This evidence, combined with the discovery of Paul’s remains near Darryl’s property, led to his arrest.

What was the outcome of Darryl Kuehl’s trial?
Darryl Kuehl’s trial took place in May 1997. The prosecution argued he murdered Paul for monetary benefits, forging checks and stealing his belongings. Despite claiming innocence, Darryl was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to life without parole.

Where is Darryl Kuehl now?
Currently, Darryl Kuehl, aged 72, is incarcerated at the Idaho State Correctional Institution. His failed attempt to escape custody by conspiring to kill transporting officers further tarnished his image. As the mastermind behind the chilling events surrounding Paul Gruber’s disappearance, his name is etched in Sandpoint’s darker chapters.

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