Paul Pelosi Full Video {Jan 2023} Other Details on Investigation!

This study about Paul Pelosi Full Video will assist you in getting to understand Paul Pelosi’s attack Paul Pelosi and the video of this attack.

Do you remember the assault against Paul Pelosi or have you lost the memory of the incident? The incident can’t be dismissed as a matter of course since it’s a highly-publicized issue across the United States. In October of last year, Paul Pelosi suffered an attack at his house. Paul Pelosi Full Video of this incident was released by the judge this Friday, afternoon. Did you have any idea about this? If not, this article will allow you understand the whole story and what’s in the video that was released by the court.

Full Attack Video Of Paul

According to internet sources, Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, suffered an attack at his house. Nancy Pelosi is the house speaker and also a Congresswoman. Paul, who’s age is now 82 years old was assaulted by the Hammer. The footage of the incident is now available online and we can listen to the dialogue between the intruder as well as Paul Pelosi.

Paul Pelosi Attack Video!

According to reports from online sources, Paul Pelosi was attacked brutally by an intruder , who has been known as David DePape. The video listen to and see the conversations of two males. In the beginning, David rang the doorbell and Paul arrived to unlock the door. David had a hammer in his hand and Paul was trying to prevent him. David asked his name David. David answered and then told his name. Paul Pelosi tried to stop the intruder however David struck him with a hammer. Nancy made a call to police at the right moment and the intruder was taken into custody and arrested.

According to sources online, Paul suffered serious injuries following Paul Pelosi was attacked by Pelosi. His hand and arms were damaged and his skull was broken. He underwent surgery after the incident, but he was able to recover.

Other Details on Investigation!

According to an San Francisco investigator, it was found out that the intruder David DePape had the intention to kidnap the House speaker. The suspect also said that there was some evil in Washington. David expressed his hatred , and told police that his motives were motivated by political pressure. David was charged with murder and assault using dangerous weapons. The court had earlier decided to keep the video private however, the team made the decision to release Paul Pelosi’s full video to the public. The attorney office of the San Francisco district efforts made it possible, and the video is accessible to anyone now.


To conclude this article We have provided all the important facts about the Paul Pelosi attack video. We suggest you watch it only in the event that are a strong person.

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