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View your PESCO bill online on This is a no-cost website that lets you look up all of the information on your PESCO bill effortlessly. You can view the amount of your bill as well as the due date and view the entire bill. You can download a copy of the bill or print your pesco wapda bill to pay. You can enter your 14-digit reference number below to verify your pesco electricity bill.

If you’re seeking the pesco mis or are searching for the pesco gov pk for your pesco bill duplicate simply enter your reference number into the input box above and you will see your total bill. is an easy-to navigate website or app which makes it easy to obtain pesco utility bills.

About PESCO:

PESCO is the acronym as Peshawar Electric Supply Corporation. PESCO was established in 2004. Peshawar District Electricity Council changed into a separate legal entity known as PESCO. Peshawar Electricity Supply Corporation (PESCO) to serve business needs and later privatization. Pesco offers the power distribution service to over 2.6 million customers across all urban areas in Pakistan. In PESCO Networks, there’s an KPK power distribution network that is serviced by 33, 66 and 132 substation lines at 11 kV and 440 V high voltage substations as well as lines that connect your house or your business to electric power.

If you’re looking to know the status of your Peshawar electric bills (bijli bill) or the wapda bills in any other city included on the above table, you’re at the right spot. Simply enter your bill reference number and view the most recent Pesco bill as soon as you can. If you’re looking for a an app for mobile to download, you can install Pesco bill apk here. Pesco bill app here.

If you haven’t received an invoice for your Multan electricity bill If you did not receive your Multan electricity bill, you should know that is your source to generate a duplicate bills and pay them to avoid the late payment charge. You can enter your 14-digit reference number above to obtain your Pesco bill online for November 2021, or the month of December 2021, or the previous month which was October 20, 2021.

Bill Information:

On It is possible to quickly view the total amount due including due date, afterwards, you can view the complete bill, in which you can see the date for reading the meter the date of bill issue as well as the amount you have to pay following due date, with an the added surcharge, and so on. If you’d like to know whether your bill was unpaid or not, you’ll need to verify this information for final month’s bills. To do this you should view the complete bill and then look up the invoice payment history. There you will find the payment history of the last 12 months, and also the amount that was paid.

Pesco Peak Hours:

Pesco suggests reducing the consumption of electricity during peak times that will reduce the cost of electricity and also help stabilize the electric distribution throughout the entire region. Here are the peak times:

New Connection or Transfer Procedure:

You can read the instructions for new connections in this article. If you have purchased a new home with a PESCO connection is already was registered with an owner before, but you wish to change the name on the bill, you’ll need to follow the same procedure similar to a for a new connection. Visit the nearest branch and make an application to change the name or make a correction.

Taxes in Pesco Bill:

Here’s a list of taxes common to all you will typically see on these bills.


FPA is a shorthand in the acronym fuel price Adjustment. The FPA price on the pesco bill is related to price of fuel for rental power firms that produce electricity using Crude Oil etc. You will see this figure on your bill if you see a fluctuation in the price of fuel.

TR Surcharge:

T.R is for Tariff Rationalization surcharge. It refers to NEPRA as well as GOP tariff differences. If the difference is positive, it will be paid by the GOP in the form of “Subsidy”. If there is a negative differences The Distribution Company will pay to GOP the amount of “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge ( IDTR SUR )”.

FC Surcharge:

FC means Financing Cost. The authorities took the decision to charge 43 rupees per unit , as FC Surcharge, to secure the collection of debt service of Power Holding Private Limited. Power Holding Private Limited.

Deferred Amount:

This is the amount of the bill that you can choose to pay the following month or in a later month. There aren’t any penalties for late payments on a the deferred bill and the next bill could comprise the amount in installments or the full amount.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

This is a quarterly adjustment to the tariff amount. You will see this amount on your bill three months.

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