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Pete Carroll Net Worth How Rich is Pete Carroll?

Pete Carroll is widely esteemed as both head coach and executive vice president of the Seattle Seahawks, boasting an astounding net worth of $50 Million from his coaching career at both college and professional levels. Additionally, his annual salary – an astounding $15 Million – reflects both his status within NFL circles as well as achievements made with them.

Carroll has achieved financial and professional success through diligence and persistence, beginning his journey at University of Arkansas as an assistant coach for just $182 weekly pay as an assistant coach before eventually taking over as head coach of USC Trojans and leading them to six bowl games wins and winning a BSC National Championship during that timeframe.

Carroll reached the pinnacle of his career when he joined the Seattle Seahawks as their coach. Under his direction, they have achieved remarkable results under Carroll, including nine playoff appearances, five division titles, two Super Bowl wins, with the latter marking an historic event as it marked their inaugural victory ever in that competition. Carroll now joins an exclusive group of coaches who have won both a Super Bowl title and college football national championship title – truly making him an unmatched coach!

How Did Pete Carroll Build His Career?

Pete Carroll began his football journey in San Francisco where he was born and raised. From high school days when he excelled in football, baseball, and basketball; to later enrolling at College of Marin and University of the Pacific in California where he played as a free safety.

After earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Carroll experienced setbacks in his attempt to join the World Football League. Carroll began coaching at University of the Pacific before expanding to include institutions such as University of Arkansas, Iowa State University and North Carolina State University gaining invaluable coaching experience along the way.

Carroll began his NFL career coaching defensive backs for the Buffalo Bills. Following brief stops with New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers, Carroll quickly found success as USC Trojans coach; leading them to memorable victories before departing as a hero.

Since 2010 when Carroll was appointed head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, their fortunes have seen dramatic improvement under his guidance. Under his tutelage, they have become renowned for their aggressive defense and strategic acumen; his unique “all or nothing” coaching style and psychological approach to football has played a large part in their success.

What Does Pete Carroll’s Real Estate Portfolio Look Like?

Pete Carroll’s success extends beyond the football field into savvy real estate investments. His portfolio includes several high-value properties that have contributed to his net worth. In 2015, Carroll sold his Hunts Point home in the Seattle metropolitan area for $6.1 million. This property, purchased just a year earlier for $5.9 million, featured three bedrooms, a guest suite, a moorage dock, and a private beach.

Further showcasing his real estate acumen, Carroll sold a beach cottage in Manhattan Beach, California, in 2016. The property, bought in 1999 for $540,000, sold for $2.05 million, well above the asking price. The charming 1,200-square-foot cottage offered ocean views, two bedrooms, and a brick patio, reflecting Carroll’s taste for properties with unique appeal.

In 2017, Carroll continued his real estate ventures by selling a home in Rolling Hills, Washington, for $3.05 million. This off-market deal concluded a series of notable transactions for Carroll. This 1950s single-story home, located on a corner lot and offering over 4,000 square feet of living space and four bedrooms, cathedral-style vaulted ceilings, French doors, multiple fireplaces and beautiful outdoor areas such as patio, swimming pool, putting green and spa – boasted breathtaking views of nearby greenbelt and park areas.


Pete Carroll has made history on his way from being an assistant coach at Stanford to become one of the wealthiest head coaches and executive vice presidents ever seen at any football franchise, all thanks to hard work, skill, and strategic thinking. His impressive net worth reflects not only his coaching talents but also wise investments made wisely along his career journey. His impressive net worth demonstrates not just this success story but his business acumen as well. Carroll’s career, marked by significant achievements and transformative leadership, continues to inspire and influence the world of American football.

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