Pick the Perfect Waterproof Jacket with This Ultimate Guide

Choosing the perfect waterproof jacket is no easy task. There are so many brands, styles, and features to consider! This article will help you navigate this tricky process by providing an in-depth guide on waterproof jackets that covers everything from materials to waterproofing to cost. Let’s get started!

What is a Waterproof Jacket?

A waterproof jacket is a garment worn by people to protect themselves from rain. Sustainable Men’s Waterproof Parka Jackets Canada is essential for anyone who enjoys being outdoors in the elements, but they have many other uses as well. For example, waterproof motorcycle gear provides an extra layer of protection for riders so they can enjoy their activities without worrying about injuring themselves during falls or crashes.

Types of Waterproof Jackets

Now that you’ve decided waterproof is what you need, here are some tips on the different types of waterproof jackets.

As I mentioned before, waterproof means water beading up and rolling off your jacket without soaking in to give you a little protection from wet weather conditions.

1. PU-Coated

  • PU-Coated waterproof jackets are waterproof, breathable, and windproof.
  • These waterproof jackets have a PU coating on the outside to keep you dry in rainy weather.
  • The inside of these waterproof jackets is also waterproof with mesh lining for increased ventilation when needed.
  • This will prevent any moisture from seeping through the seams which can cause discomfort.
  • The waterproof coating is also washable which will help increase the jacket’s longevity.
  • You can wear these waterproof jackets for many seasons with proper care and cleaning of the coat.

2. Membrane Lined Jackets

The membrane is the waterproof material that keeps water out of the jacket without creating another layer of clothing or making it too heavy to wear. This means your body heat can escape through the pores in the waterproof fabric which helps you stay dryer for longer as well as allows sweat to evaporate quickly so you don’t become uncomfortable.

The waterproof membrane is bonded to the outside of a material such as nylon or polyester and gives the jacket significant waterproof qualities without adding much weight at all.

This makes them perfect for active pursuits where you need something waterproof but don’t want to be bogged down by wearing too many layers. They may not offer quite as good waterproofing as a waterproof jacket would, but they are much more breathable and comfortable to wear.

3. Rain Jacket

The 3rd type of waterproof jacket is a rain jacket. The difference between a waterproof jacket and a rain jacket is waterproof jackets are not as breathable as a rain jacket.

Rain Jacket has an integrated hood, adjustable cuffs to keep the elements out, pit zips for ventilation under your arms, and water-resistant zippers where you need them most such as pockets or handwarmer pockets.

4. Poncho Jacket

This waterproof jacket is made from a water-resistant material and has an adjustable hood and cuffs. It’s the perfect winter coat for all types of weather. Available in black or grey, this poncho can be purchased online at our store today!

When should you wear a Waterproof Jacket?

When you are outdoors, waterproof jackets can make your experience much more enjoyable. They keep the rain out and protect you from the cold wind. However, they do not last forever; waterproof jackets wear out after a certain amount of time (usually around three to five years). Here is when it’s best to replace a waterproof jacket:

  • When there are holes in the waterproof jacket
  • When the waterproof jacket is faded with wear and tear, or the color has changed significantly.

Why have a Water Resistant?

Today waterproof jackets are more common. The waterproof material can keep you dry, even when it is raining or snowing outside. Also, the waterproof parka jacket reivew has the additional purpose of being warm at colder temperatures while staying breathable for warmer weather conditions. If you want to know what makes a good waterproof jacket then read on!


The best way to ensure that your waterproof jacket is the right size for you is to use a measuring tape. You can find one at any craft store or, and it only takes about 5 minutes of time if you are careful with measurements.

This will allow you to make sure you have enough room in your coat so that there won’t be any rubbing against the zipper when zipping up or down buttons on jackets made from tight-fitting fabric like nylon or lycra.

Once this has been accomplished, take note of whether the hood fits over your head comfortably without feeling too constrictive; we want our customers to feel comfortable while they’re wearing their new gear! It’s important not just for comfort but also

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