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Pineapplz Reviews Some Specifications To Verify Are You Sure Pineapplz Is Legit ???

Want to see the latest Pineapplz reviews? For more information, take a look at the following paragraphs.

Did you find threads that prove’s authenticity? We have analyzed the results to determine the genuine ones. We have an easy way to shop for the products we love online. Only a few e-commerce sites are trusted; many others are frauds. is being sought out by many United States customers. We have decided to declare the legitimacy of this website below, in order to inform our loyal readers, like you, Pineapplz reviews.

The Shopping Site

According to our analysis, they love every passion as it makes them different. To offer the best deals, they have access to many professionals and suppliers. The online shop also stated that it offers all custom products that each customer desires.

You will find items related to different genres, professions and passions on the site. You can read the underlying section if this site appeals to you.

Some Specifications To Verify Are You Sure Pineapplz Is Legit ???

  • The official link to this virtual site is
  • The delivery policy hints have been missing.
  • The portal sent the email address to [email protected]
  • Our investigation revealed that 834 Merwin St, Jewett NY 12444, United States was the official address.
  • The icons for social media are available in the product detail section.
  • Within 14 days, buyers can return the product.
  • PayPal is the best payment option.
  • If they accept your refund request, the site stated that they will credit the amount immediately.
  • The Pineapplz Reviews investigation revealed that clothing items, pencil boxes and writing boards are all available for purchase on the website.
  •’s newsletter feature was noticed by us.
  • Our analysis detected no exchange policy details.
  • The telephone number is +1 (623) 999-9388.
  • USPS shipping can take between 5-10 business days.

Perks Detected

  • We were able to identify many social icons.
  • You will find the contact details (email and telephone number) here.
  • Our survey revealed the address clues.
  • These ratings are available.
  • You have the option to subscribe to our newsletter.

Drawbacks Seen

  • All products are given 5-stars ratings, which can lead to suspicion.
  • Many negative Pineapplz reviews have been found online.
  • The social links are inactive.
  • It isn’t well-designed so it doesn’t appear reliable.

Is Pineapplz Corrupt?

Don’t delay and take a look at the below points to see the real face of this virtual shopping site.

  • Policies Our findings revealed that both the delivery and exchange policies details were missing. Other policies such as shipping, return, and so forth, were evaluated.
  • Trust score– We found an average value of 40%.
  • Address Originality — Based on our analysis of the details and the comments that were retrieved, we concluded that the single-family home was built. Is Pineapplz Legit
  • Portal Age The survey revealed that it has been established on 16-10-13.
  • Clients Reviews We found that the website had a rating of only 5 stars. However, Trustpilot reviews were lacking. Contrary, we found negative feedback on other platforms.
  • Founder Info — No linked clues are used.
  • Trust rank – An excellent 75.9/100 value has been discovered.
  • Alexa Rank a 4704823 Alexa Rank remains.
  • Unreliable Coupons This site doesn’t list products with untrustworthy discounts.
  • Domain Suspension Day – We discovered that it will end on 16-10-2022.
  • Social Media Images– Our Pineapplz finding determined that inoperative icons exist.


It was discovered that Trustpilot comments are not available. Further research revealed that a YouTube clip was posted by a user claiming the portal was fraudulent because it did not have a calling number or email address. A user also commented that the site was a scam and that it is boring on a site where he reviews. Discover the best ways to recover capital from credit card frauds here

The Final Words

We used Pineapplz reviews in this post to determine the site’s reliability. After analyzing the factors carefully, we believe that the site may be suspicious. Observe the prevention methods for the PayPal con here.

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