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This research on Pittsburgh Zoo Painted Dogs will provide updates to the readers about the passing of Maddox Derkosh. All updates can be found here.

Do you remember the 2012 incident at Pittsburgh Zoo? Two-year-old boy was attacked at Pittsburgh Zoo by painted dogs. The incident shocked the world. The Pittsburgh Zoo Painted Dogs incident was covered by almost every news channel, including the United States and the Canada. You can still recall the incident if you don’t remember it. We will be sharing all details in this post.

Pittsburgh Zoo: A toddler was attacked by Painted Dogs

According to online sources, a toddler went to Pittsburgh to see the sights, but was turned away by a painted dog at the zoo on November 4, 2012. Maddox Derkosh was taken by his mother to view the dogs. Despite numerous warnings and signs, the father lifted his son. The child fell, and the father lifted his son. A painted dog attacked the child brutally. Parents filed a lawsuit against authorities at the zoo.

Pittsburgh Zoo – African Painted Dogs

The Painted Dogs have been kept at the Pittsburgh Zoo for public exhibition. In 2012, however, the authorities were forced to take strict action after an incident and removed all African Painted Dogs. After Jason Derkosh’s son was attacked and bitten by a Painted Dog, Elizabeth Derkosh filed a lawsuit. Maddox Derkosh, a young boy, was carried by Elizabeth, his mother, to have a better view of the dogs. He fell, and the painted dog attacked him.

Later, authorities shot the Pittsburgh Zoo Painted Dogs that caught the child. The authorities attempted to save the child but the dog was shot and killed.

Pittsburgh Zoo Authority Takes Action!

The authorities assured them that all ten dogs would be moved after this incident. To save the child, one was killed. The rest of the dogs were left unidentified. African Painted Dogs Pittsburgh Zoo are one of the most dangerous dog species. They even shut down the area where the painted dogs were kept for five months to ensure their safety. They were later moved to new locations.


This post summarizes all information about the attack of the Painted dog on Maddox Daskosh. The authorities took strict measures to ensure the safety of others, even though the child could not be saved.

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