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Pokemon Go Community January 2022 A brief description of community

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It’s January, the first month of the New Year, and PokemonGo has amazing news. The Pokemon Go community would make January an amazing month. Yes! Pokemon Go will be launching with its community. This event is very anticipated by people living in countries like the United States and Canada, , United Kingdom, , India, and Australia .

Let’s find out what the PokemonGo community January 2022 has in store.

Pokemon Go: Update

Pokemon Go is coming to a community. It was announced that there would be community day in every month in 2022. It’s great news for Pokemon Go enthusiasts as they will be able to catch their preferred Pokemon character and other bonuses. There will be two Pokemon Go communities in January 2022. It is a great way for you to win event bonuses or bundles. You will find many unique features within the community.

The following information provides details about the community

Community Day: Spheal’s speartastic sojourn

Date: 16/01/2022, Time: 11am – 5pm

Community Classic Day: Bulbasaur is Back

Date: January 22, 20,22, time: 2:20 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The following dates and times allow you to participate in the event. Let’s find out more about the Pokemon Go group January 2022.

A brief description of community

  • Spheal’s Speartastic Sojourn

On 16 January 2022, Speal’s Speartastic Sojourn will host the community day. This is where players can unlock spheal (a type of Pokemon) by participating in the event. Shiny spheal could be available to the lucky. The exclusive attack is next. This will allow the spheal to obtain walrein.

  • Bulbasaur – Back
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The second event will see the appearance of a new Pokemon Bulbasaur. It is possible to be the lucky one. The exclusive attack feature will also be available. Players must achieve Bulbasaur’s evolution Ivysaur in order to unlock venusaur.

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Pokemon Go community January 2022

There are many new exciting features in the update. The event will be held for another few days. Spheal’s Speartastic Sojourn will require you to obtain walrein, which is able to recognize Fast Powder Snow Attack as well as Charged Icicle Spear Attack. Your story will be researched and your tickets will go live.

You will also see bundle events and bonus events. Unlocking venusaur in Back to Bulbasaur is essential to receive Charged Frenzy plan Attack. In this event, you will also receive special story research about Bulbasaur. You can also find bundle events and bonus events. Participating in the Pokemon Go group January 2022 will be a lot of fun.


Pokemon Go players are very excited about this new community. Participants can unlock new characters and features by participating in the event. This month there are two Pokemon Go Communities. This article provides all the information about the January community.

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