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Poker Chart: Top 10 Starting Hands and How to Play Them

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The top 10 starting hands in poker are a great starting point for any player. Knowing which hands to play and when to play them is an essential part of becoming a successful poker player. To become a master at poker, it is important to practice and understand the fundamentals of the game. The more you practice, the better your chances of becoming a successful poker player. With the best poker chart, you can use these top 10 starting hands to your advantage and increase your chances of winning.

Top 10 hands in poker

The chart below outlines the top 10 starting hands in Texas Hold’em poker, and the abbreviations that are used to refer to them. It is important to remember that all hands can be beaten, but these are the hands you will usually want to aim for when playing. 

Hand NameAbbreviationRank
Pocket AcesAA1
Pocket KingsKK2
Pocket QueensQQ3
Ace-King SuitedAKs4
Pocket JacksJJ5
Pocket TensTT6
Ace-King Off-suitAKo7
Ace-Queen SuitedAQs8
Ace-Jack SuitedAJs9
King-Queen SuitedKQs10

Poker hands and how to play them

Royal Flush

The royal flush is the highest possible hand in poker and is one of the most sought-after hands for any poker player. It consists of five consecutive cards from the same suit in order from 10 to ace. As the highest possible hand, it is an incredibly strong hand and can be difficult to beat. 

Straight Flush

A straight flush is a powerful hand in poker and one of the top hands you can have. It consists of any five cards of sequential values in the same suit that’s not a royal flush. It’s one of the few hands that can only be beaten by a royal flush or another straight flush which includes higher-ranking cards. 


In the game of poker, it is possible to have a five-card hand that contains the same card in all four suits. This is an uncommon but exciting occurrence, as it means that you have a strong hand with a lot of potential to win. To complete this hand, you must have the highest card among the other cards on the table or in your hand. This means that you should be prepared to play aggressively and be ready to take risks. You will also need to pay attention to the other players and the cards they are playing in order to determine the best moves to make. 

Full House

A full house is a strong hand in poker and can often be the deciding factor in a game. It consists of three of a kind in one suit and a pair in another suit. For example, if someone has three jacks in one suit and two sixes in another suit, they would have a full house. When two or more players have a full house, the hand with the highest three of a kind is the winner. For example, if two players both had a full house, but one had three kings and the other had three aces, the player with the three aces would win. 


A flush is one of the most powerful hands in poker, and it’s made up of five cards of the same suit in any order. When two players have a flush, the player with the highest valued card is the winner. 


When it comes to playing cards, having a hand of five cards of sequential numerical value composed of more than one suit can be a great asset. A player with this kind of hand can have a great chance of winning, as long as they know how to utilize it correctly. The ace has a unique role in this kind of hand, as it can usually rank as either high (above a king) or low (below a 2). 


One of the strongest hands you can have is a three of a kind, which is when you have three cards of the same rank in three different suits. For example, if you have the Jack of Hearts, Jack of Spades and Jack of Diamonds, you have a three of a kind in Jacks. 

Two pairs

In poker, the concept of two sets of two cards of matching rank is an important one. This is because it means that your hand is essentially complete and you have a much better chance of winning. For example, if you have two Kings, a Queen and a Jack, then the Queen would be the highest-ranked remaining card and would complete the hand. 


Sometimes in a game of poker, a player can be dealt a pair of cards of the same rank but in different suits. This is a very tricky situation as the remainder of the hand is formed by the three highest ranked cards available. This can be a very difficult situation to manage, as the player may be presented with an array of good options that can be difficult to decide between. 

High Card

The lowest-ranked hand in poker is known as the high card. This hand consists of five cards, with the highest card being the ‘best hand’. This means that if you have the highest card among all players, then you have the best hand. 

Knowing which hands to play and how to play them can give you a huge edge in a game. Whether you are playing Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or any other variation of poker, having a good understanding of the top 10 starting hands can help you succeed. 

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