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Are you interested in the details of the accident that happened at Pollock Pines, California? Do you want to know more about the victims of this accident? Then read it to the end. The accident at Pollock Pines in the United States has caught the attention of people across the country.

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What happened at Pollock Pines

Many people have been interested in the news that five children were hit by a vehicle. California Highway Patrol reports that five children were struck by a car. Children were reported to be crossing the road at Pollock Pines. Accident occurred on Pony Express Trail, near Oak Street. After hearing the news, people are sad. Social media has been flooded with the news. The children were hit by a utility van. The children were immediately rushed to hospital. Pollock Pines weather camcaught this incident.

What happened to the victims?

Three of the five children sustained major injuries. Two received minor injuries. The children were immediately airlifted. Randy Bishop, an employee at True Value Hardware Store said that he heard the thump, and then started running. He claimed to be aware of the incident. The witness said that children were studying at Pine Top Montessori. They were taking preschoolers. The children were on a nearby field trip with their teachers. Authorities have yet to confirm the ages of these children.

Pollock pines accident Investigation

The investigation into the accident is being contested by people. Authorities are also investigating the incident. Bishop, the witness, said that there were many children in the area. They were still holding hands. The driver was at the scene but was not hurt. A nearby restaurant owner said that many people came to the aid of the victims. People made sure the children were stable for the time being. The people of the area responded immediately and were interested in helping the children. The people also tried to get the others to a safer place. Since Pollock Pins Cameracaptured this incident, it was also known to other people.

In the area, the speed limit is 35 miles per hours. The officers didn’t suspect that the driver, a 21-year old man, was intoxicated when driving. Officers are still investigating the accident.

The Reactions of the People

People express their sadness at the suffering of victims. Social media is a place where people can express their views. They claim that the accident should be investigated properly. The authority should be involved actively, they said. People are calling for stricter traffic laws in order to avoid future incidents such as the Pollock Pines accident. The people are interested in the health of the children. The vehicle was used to repair appliances.


The accident at Pollock pines shocked everyone. Despite the fact that five children were hospitalized, people were still concerned about the accident. The people are demanding the involvement of the authorities. The authorities are also trying to determine the true cause of the accident. For more information about please click the link

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