PR Game Changing: Innovative Thinking Has Set Agency ZTPR and Zack Teperman Ahead Of Others

Public Relations is a luxury in business and/or personally to have, but publicist extraordinaire Zack Teperman has found a way to make it work for everyone, on any sort of reasonable budget!

Teperman is a best-selling author with his award-winning marketing book Enough of the Bull$hit, written alongside Mark Cuban, Jordan Belfort and David Meltzer, and also the founder / President of ZTPR, an agency that has helped entrepreneurs, celebrities, musicians, athletes, doctors and countless more people in all walks of life get the exposure they need to make it in today’s fast-paced society, where branding and messaging can mean making it or starting back at scratch.

Public Relations [PR] across the globe can be used to protect, enhance or build reputations through the media, social media, or self-produced communications. While there are dozens of agencies promising fame & fortune right away, that is not always the case in reality, and a great PR practitioner or publicist will analyze the person/organization, find the positive messages, build the overall brand or personal story, and translate those messages into positive stories that not only get the right attention, but can help translate that attention into money/sales both short and long term.

With companies and people more budget/cost conscious than ever before heading out of the pandemic, Teperman saw a way to innovate the PR industry and literally change the game.

While Teperman’s priority has always been his monthly clients, he realized that a lot of people he spoke to could not afford the thousands of dollars to help strategize and move the needle on their careers and/or business. So, he created a new platform which he launched earlier this year where individuals could literally get an article written about themselves and whatever topic (as long as it was truthful and not illegal) within some of the top media outlets around the world for a small fee. ZTPR’s website for their Quick Media Platform reads, “Sometimes a full PR strategy and campaign is not needed, so at ztpr we offer a quick way to get the one-off media articles you want in media outlets you select in a timely manner.” Some of the outlets listed on the page for this include Rolling Stone, Forbes, Maxim Magazine, GQ, VOGUE, USA Today, Yahoo! News, Playboy, Variety and almost 500 others. And when it comes to the cost for these outlets, ZTPR lists costs starting just under two grand. But, with the right article or two, the views, credibility, and way a person repurposes it afterwards may lead to a high ROI that they then can either keep as profit or re-invest into actually hiring an agency like Teperman’s or another.

While investigating the platform it is very apparent that Teperman has created a business model that gives the PR opportunity to those on a budget. In a closing comment to us directly, Teperman stated, “My goal since day one has never been to charge clients more than what is needed. I am not in the business of making a quick buck, but rather the long term play. If I can build a client forward and make them a success in their field, then my hope is that they will stay loyal and continue to hire my firm as we all grow together. I always say, you can be the best actor, best singer, have the best product, etc., but if nobody knows about you and your product, or service isn’t getting people’s attention, is it really the best?! That is where PR comes into play. And especially these days, where there are tons of people trying to make it, and a lot of “fake BS types out there clouding various industries”, you need to find new ways to stand out. Otherwise, you will always be waiting for that lucky break. With a monthly PR investment, we help strategize with you your ultimate goals and the stepping stones we need to take to get you where you want to go – whether it is a company doing a launch, a musician getting set to put out a new song, a doctor expanding his/her offices, or an actor that just landed a big role. Plus, we have the contacts, relationships and connections to get you that exposure, whereas if you just email someone yourself, it may not get answered. But as mentioned, some people cannot afford that, so I launched this platform to be able to give them a shot to tell their story as well and work the angles. PR is an investment in yourself… so, it’s up to you if you believe in yourself or not?

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