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The article on prankster Mizzy TikTok describes the TikTok jokester who got into trouble for an absurd prank.

Do you know Mizzy the Prankster? What is Mizzy Prankster’s real name? Why does Mizzy’s social media presence cause concern? You may have seen Mizzy’s Prank videos online. This article discusses the details of Prankster Mizzy. People in the United States and Canada, as well as the United Kingdom and India, want to know the type of prank that the prankster performed recently.

Prank: Breaking into a Stranger’s House

Mizzy Prankster was known for his wild stunts. But his latest one went too far. He broke into the home of a stranger as a joke to gain attention and likes on social media. He entered a home where the gate was partially open, and sat down on the couch. This incident raises questions about the fine line between harmless jokes and criminal behavior and the possible consequences of ignoring that line.

What did Prankster Mizzy say?

He entered the house while the woman was cleaning on the patio. The woman called for her husband when she saw him enter the house.

James asked Mizzy to leave the house when he saw him enter. They had children in the house. The background voice in the video can be heard calling out ‘daddy’. But, after all of this, Mizzy sat down on the couch with his two friends.

What are the opinions of Twitter users?

The prank was not considered funny or harmless by anyone. Many openly criticised Mizzy for invading privacy and trespassing. The incident ignited a debate about the difference between harmless jokes and unacceptable behavior.

The prank was quickly viralized and viewers were furious. It was not funny to anyone because it was deemed inappropriate and disrespectful towards the homeowners.

More Information About Mizzy Prankster

Bacari Ogarro is also known as Mizzy prankster. He has been on the radar of the police for breaking into houses. Reddit states that the Police are on his trail and they want to arrest him immediately. Hackney, London’s 18-year old Hackney teenager is a TikTok prankster who has become famous.

Ogarro doesn’t care if he becomes infamous or receives hateful comments. He is just happy his content has become popular. He only cares about the attention he can gain from his offensive and bizarre pranks. He claimed that Mizzy was facing racism. According to sources, people are easily offended by his pranks because he’s not white. Many people try to search for TikTok Prankster Mizzy but the account was suspended after the video of the breaking in the house was posted.


Mizzy is an online prankster and content creator for social media. She’s a TikTok user from London, UK. He is an unrepentant prankster who pranks others in a disrespectful way. His pranks tend to be harmful and not very funny. When people call him on his pranks he claims that people are treating him differently due to his dark skin color. Click here for more details.

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