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Preparing Your Land for Sale – What You Need to Know

Preparing your land for sale is similar to staging a home but requires more than cleaning and decorating. Minor enhancements like fixing the fence, marking boundaries, and improving access can help buyers envision how they would live on the property.

High-quality images are also important for highlighting the most attractive aspects of your land. These include running water, ponds, rock outcroppings, wildlife, and mountain views.

Clear the Debris

The property must be cleared of debris for land damaged by fire, flooding, or other natural disasters. Often, insurance programs will reimburse homeowners for clearing such debris.

This step improves the property’s appearance and makes it more accessible for building a home or raising livestock. Setting boundaries through fencing or natural barriers is essential to protect the land from trespassers.

When buying a piece of land, getting everything in writing from the seller or seller’s agent and town officials is critical. This can protect you if something unsatisfactory occurs during your inspection period and gives you the right to back out of the deal with your earnest money.

Get a Land Survey

A land survey is an essential step in preparing your property for sale. A professional boundary survey establishes your land plot’s legal boundaries and ensures that its description matches up with its physical location on the ground.

These surveys can help resolve encroachment disputes between neighbors. They also highlight the placement of underground utilities.

Many mortgage lenders and title companies require a land survey before they issue a loan or title insurance. They can also be needed if the property changes hands or you are building a new structure. The buyer and seller typically share the cost of a land survey.

Make the Property Look Attractive

You have fewer steps to take when selling land via: than when selling a home because there are no showings or open houses. Regardless, it is still essential to prepare the property to make it look attractive to potential buyers.

This includes clearing weeds and debris and ensuring roads or paths through the property are clear. It also includes highlighting any unique features of the property that will set it apart from others in the area.

This might include things like the location, water views, or wildlife. This will help potential buyers envision themselves using the property.

Take High-Quality Images

When you sell land, you must showcase the property in high-quality images. These can help potential buyers imagine what the land might look like with a home on it.

A drone can be an effective way to take aerial photos of the land. This will give buyers a better idea of the size and geography of the property.

Land that’s easy to access and has clear boundaries will make the sale easier. These things will add value to the land and entice buyers to place an offer. Taking care of these tasks will help you sell the property quickly and for a good price.

Network in Your Area

Network with people in your locality in order to locate buyers for your land. Doing this will allow you to secure an appropriate price. Visiting homesteading groups or joining online social media forums could help locate interested parties; both of these options provide additional ways of reaching potential buyers.

Check Potential Buyers

As with selling a home, you must know what type of buyer will be interested in your land. For example, buyers looking for hunting, farming, or energy farm use may need different types of infrastructure to accommodate these uses.

Land buyers are also likely to be more practical than homeowners and less fussy with the aesthetics. However, they will still ask specific questions about the property.

Land with a clear potential for residential housing or commercial real estate will be easier to sell than a plot without any apparent purpose. You can also make your property more attractive to buyers by offering flexible financing options.

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