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Prevent premature ejaculation with natural drugs (remedies) and exercises

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Among the sexual dysfunctions, premature ejaculation is one of the most frequent and according to the Italian Society of Andrology it suffers about 30% of the male population. But what are the rules and natural extracts of homeopathy and traditional medicine to solve this ailment? Is a diet with the right foods enough? 

Natural remedies for premature ejaculation and properties of plants 

There are many substances in nature that have a positive effect on male performance and which aim to delay the moment of the organ, but also the approaches of behavior and management of nervousness that bring positive results. Among the most suitable plants for a gentle therapy against this problem, naturopaths recommend griffonia, valerian, passion flower and lime tree.

The beneficial properties of these natural ingredients are manifold. They are relaxing and sedative extracts, promote the synthesis of serotonin, which affects the ejaculation times, accelerate the production of endorphins and contain 5-hydroxytryptophan. These natural elements should always be combined with a diet that contains many bioflavonoids: for example citrus fruits and grapes because they are able to delay ejaculatory impulses. In herbal medicine it is possible to find ready-made sachets and powders to be taken every day on a regular basis and are definitely recommended if there is a psychogenic cause, and not acquired as sometimes happens after circumcision.

How to treat premature ejaculation with exercises?

Premature ejaculation can resolve itself with natural medications. To heal from these disorders and have control of the ejaculatory impulse, several tools are adopted, which do not require outlays of money but only a little time, patience and above all the collaboration of the partner. They are free premature ejaculation exercises. One of the most effective is controlled masturbation. When masturbating, you can focus on the pleasure and pleasurable things that come from physical contact, and try to stop just before orgasm, waiting until the urge to ejaculate wears off. This procedure should be repeated about five times, with an interval of a couple of minutes. During the first few times it seems almost impossible, but then with time and habit it becomes easier.

The second exercise that can overcome this imbalance is that of stopping and tightening. To better understand, during lovemaking, when the climax is felt, one grabs the member with two fingers, exerting firm pressure for four seconds, continuing the steps for a couple of times.

Techniques to avoid ejaculation

In addition to the methods to combat the problem and the attempts not to arrive immediately and the supplements, you can try some popular ED generics. 

Kamagra, generic form of Viagra is incredibly popular in the world for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Kamagra works by dilating the blood vessels in the man’s body, particularly in the genital area. Increased blood flow enables an erection to take place. Sildenafil, active ingredient in Viagra or Kamagra is FDA approved standard treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Kamagra 100 mg is the best Viagra generics on the onlinemarket that cures erectile dysfunction.

You might as well to try some other homoeopathic disciplines, quality nutrition, acupuncture, autogenic training and even millenary Indian customs such as tantra. But let’s see how they can help. There are various exercises for premature ejaculation, the best known are breathing exercises. While making love, the man must try to be aware of his breathing, remaining absorbed in what he perceives and on serenity. He must feel the air that comes out inflating the diaphragm, that is the lower part of the abdomen, with movements that accompany the coitus. Specifically, he must exhale during penetration and inhale first.

Another very popular remedy is autogenic training, which represents a set of meditation and visualization, which if carried out correctly and consistently counteract this disorder and also prevent it, also acting positively on the management of anxiety and on the increase of blood flow. towards the organs. Regarding tantra, tests report that it helps in 94% of cases to move the impulse forward, after about six months of practices that improve performance and breathing.

Premature Ejaculation: Natural Medicines and Bach Flowers

The techniques to avoid the disorder and the natural products to postpone the ejaculatory moment include herbal solutions and treatments without chemicals, allergens or syntheses. For premature ejaculation free natural remedies are to be taken into consideration when it has psychic and non-physiological origins and are found in various formats, to be used both topically and with oral intake. The flower therapy approach can be very incisive, with the use of Bach flowers, which work on emotional blocks and distrust, consequently improving the vision one has of oneself and sexual performance. The right flower is established in agreement with the flower therapist, who will be able to indicate in herbal medicine the essence or mixture of essences to put under the tongue. If above describe techniques won’t improve your condition, than you can try some official remedies developed especially to treat premature ejaculation. 

D-Force is very effective remedy for premature ejaculation, suitable for males with premature ejaculation problem. D-Force has active substance Dapoxetine, allowing patients to gain more control over the length of their intercourse.

Aromatherapy for the treatment of the disease

Aromatherapy, which is based on the use of essential oils, can also actively contribute to regaining one’s emotional balance and therefore counteracting haste. These oils diffuse into the environment or are diluted in neutral creams for an erotic and pleasant massage. Among the most effective essences are Ylang-ylang and Sandalwood. Those looking for a remedy to be used only when needed, can instead opt for sprays, lotions and delaying creams, which have no medicines and which are massaged before making love. They work by anesthetizing the area and therefore prolong the duration and postpone the human impulse.

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