Prevention Day Suicide Quotes How do you Prevent and Control Suicides?

Are you aware that Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated on September 10th? Is it possible to find out the theme of this year’s Suicide Prevention Day here? It is crucial to raise awareness about suicide prevention as more than 700,000 people per year die from it. Every year, suicide attempts surpass the death toll.

WPSD has raised awareness in countries like Indiaand PhilippinesPrevention Day Suicide Quoteshas detailed discussed this event on this year’s Suicide Day.

Quotes & Messages to mark the World Suicide Day:

Below are some quotes and messages to be used for this year’s Suicide Day. These messages and quotes may be used as a way to increase awareness to help people avoid suicide.

  • Help people overcome rejection and depression, and make a difference in society.
  • Avoid creating stress at work by not doing things that will cause it. Create a great environment in your office.
  • On this World Suicide Prevention Day, we send warm greetings.
  • Life is too precious to be wasted. Happy World Suicide Prevention Day.

World Suicide Prevention Day –

Data on the death rate vary from one part of the world to another. While it is high in developing countries, the United Kingdom as well as the United States are less encouraging. America’s death rate is 14.5, while in England 6.9 of 100000 are killed each year by suicide. This threat is equally devastating for developed countries.

International Association for Suicide Prevention, in collaboration with World Health Organization, established the WSPD in 2003. Every year, the 10th of September is celebrated around the globe. Many websites offer World Suicide Prevention Day Images. We have listed some.

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Suicide prevention day images can be used by people to create awareness and display photos on social media.

How do you Prevent and Control Suicides?

This tragedy can be avoided. WHO lists measures to prevent suicide from happening around the world.

  • Find the suicidal tendencies of your loved ones and get help quickly.
  • Workplace and family pressures need to be reduced.
  • Try to limit suicide-inducing drugs and medicines.

Prevention Day, Suicide Quotes . Themes:

WPSD has a three-year theme running for World Suicide Prevention Day (from 2021 to 2023). This year’s theme will be “Creating Hope through Action”, which will continue for the next year. IASP holds a series of events every year in more than 60 countries to remind people that life is too valuable to be wasted.

Notice: All information taken from the internet.

Final verdict

It’s time to move beyond this and fight it at a lower scale. Prevention Day of Suicide Quotes believes that the best way to end this tragedy is to address it at work and with family members.

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