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Prince of Masserano: A Young Royal who wishes to become a Doctor

George Marios Theocharopoulos of the Ferrero della Morella family, was born in Thessaloniki in 1996.He is the present Prince of Masserano and Marquis of Crevacuore.

In the past, his family ruled the Principality of Masserano, an independent medieval state and semi-papal fiefdom in the Italian Peninsula, located between the regions of Piedmont (Biella) and the Papal States, in the 16th century. In 1767 the lands of the Principality passed to the Kingdom of Sardinia, but the family retained their hereditary titles as Princes of Masserano and Marquises of Crevacuore, officially recognised by His Holiness the Pope, as members of the Papal Nobility. 

When the male line died out, the titles have passed to the female line, whose members kept the Ferrero della Marmora family name in order to honour their ancestors, and were exquisite military leaders. Should the male line had survived, according to the Italian protocol, the titles of the female line would be “Nobles of the Prince of Masserano” but since they hadn’t, the female line’s titles are “Princes of Masserano, Marquises of Crevacuore.” Moreover, a few years before the unification of Italy, some members of family moved to the neighbouring country of Greece and the island of Corfu, while others to Russia.

As the eldest grandson and heir of the late Dimitri Triangi of the Ferrero della Marmora family, Prince of Masserano and Marquis of Crevacuore, George Marios is the present holder of the titles. However, he rarely uses his titles in public. To the contrary, he prefers to keep a low profile, doing great charity work by paying for the surgical operations of children with cancer who come from poor families, assists the organising of breadlines for the Greek Orthodox Church and being a member of the ELEPAP volunteers, an organisation that helps children with special needs.

In addition to the above, the young prince holds a degree in Biology and continues his studies as medical doctor in the University of Nicosia. In his free time he enjoys the riding of his horse named Carmella, swims for the Kondoras swimming team and prefers a healthy lifestyle dedicated to fitness. During summer, he sails with his boat on the blue Mediterranean waters.

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