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Problems with dating sites

Singles dating sites are a tool with many benefits for those who want to meet new people and potential romantic partners… but they are not a magic wand, nor are they free of problems. If you’re skeptical of the whole concept of dating sites, if you think they absolutely can’t work, and you can’t find a soul mate – or even just someone to try to build a relationship with – by visiting a site on the Internet. …

… This means that, even if perhaps with an overly negative attitude, you still ask yourself questions that are not only legitimate, but are actually intelligent. And that’s because dating sites aren’t magic, perfect tools that can promise you to meet the perfect person in a matter of days and guarantee that your relationship will be solid, long-lasting and happy indeed, if someone gave you an absolute guarantee in this sense. , you would have every reason to very strongly doubt his sincerity.

The fact remains that, for many, sites of this type work. For what 

Basically, because they create an environment where it’s easier to let go, where it’s very quick to meet new people, and where you know you’ll find other people interested in meeting a potential partner. These are very important factors, there is no doubt but that does not mean that your doubts are meaningless.

While the strengths of dating sites are pretty much the same for everyone, and it’s the ones we’ve listed above that make them so popular, the flaws and the limits can be different.


On the one hand, there are many dating sites that take care of deciding who to introduce you to. To do this, they rely on the profile that each user enters, and analyze it using a specific algorithm that has the function of crossing all the available data and establishing a compatibility rate that indicates which pairs are ideal and destined for success.

Do you shake your head So share our doubts. As good as an algorithm can be, no matter how much data it takes into account, we also believe that giving it the task of establishing with certainty whether two complete strangers are destined to fall in love forever is definitely too much. .

The potential usefulness is undeniable; On sites that use algorithms of this type, it will never happen to you to receive messages from a vegetarian if you have specified that you are going to hunt quail as a hobby, or to be contacted by an avid climber if you clarified that you suffer from vertigo. But there is too much of a personal factor in building a relationship; it goes beyond personal preferences and tastes. And that’s why  is a place to meet people – not a system that tells you who’s right for you.

Sign up and start enjoying registration is free


Second, there is certainly the problem of haste. The Internet is a hectic world, which has accustomed us to extreme speed in all types of transactions we complain if the delivery of an item we have purchased takes more than a day, if the answer to our e-mail does not arrive on time. a few minutes, if the page of the site we are visiting does not load in less than a second. And many on dating sites expect the same speed.

The fact is, however, that people…are not machines. Even the girl most sincerely interested not only in knowing a possible partner, but precisely in knowing you, because your profile struck her, because she found you cute in the photo, for a thousand other reasons, can pass a bad day, not wanting to hear from anyone (no, not even you!) and not wanting to have a romantic conversation or flirt. If you approach, as many do, dating sites thinking that they are some kind of Amazon of the romantic partner, you are bound to end up disappointed you will never be able to forget that it is with other human beings that you will have to face.


Online, it’s the last thing that comes to mind when you hear someone say “you can find love in the strangest places.” But yes you can! According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, 12% of American citizens say they have formed serious relationships (or even married through online dating). Only you have to look in the right place to find love online.

Searching for the right match online, among the masses, is like searching for a needle in the haystack, especially if you are looking for specific interests or types of people. For example, you might be looking for someone of the same religious affiliation, a millennial or baby boomer like you, someone living with HIV, or someone who enjoys working out like you. YOU.

How Dating Sites Work

While some sites categorize possible matches in these details, others have general categories such as singles looking for hookups, boyfriends, long-term commitments, or marriage. Many websites have a free trial period of 14-30 days (where you get access to basic services), after which you can choose to pay and enjoy better engagement. Again, most subscriptions, like in other service offerings, come in 3 tiers, namely basic, standard, and premium.

A premium subscription gives you unlimited access to all features of a dating site. You get full access to the following services and more:

  • Enjoy all the services and features of the website
  • Strategic profile placement for a more visible profile
  • The ability to contact any user and view their posts and profiles

First access to new registrations

On the other hand, a standard or basic subscription may limit your privileges or capabilities. For example, a premium subscriber’s profile gets better placement than a basic or standard subscriber. However, you can add a profile photo to your account and take advantage of certain services.

Although many dating services have the free option, paying for one of the three plans activates the | to contact someone | feature. However, there is no guarantee that you will get a response from the targeted date.

Winning a date online often means a lot of things, but creating a captivating or fascinating profile is the first snag. Nonetheless, none of the above subscription plans are a safe bet.

How to land on the right dating site

Analyze site functionality

Compare site features to see how attractive a website can be. Check the communication options like the ability to live chat, make a video call, etc. Look for additional service offerings that you might find useful and interesting.

Put the prices side by side

Select the advantages and disadvantages of each site and put them side by side with their offers in each subscription level. This way you can make a more informed decision.

don’t ruin

Finding a partner or love doesn’t have to be an expensive or costly experience. Don’t go broke hoping you’ll get instant results. Remember that money can’t buy you love!

More pro tips!

Finally, be patient and slow to act when comparing your options. Avoid registering and subscribing to many sites that will not benefit. Finally, explore cheap and long-lasting offers and don’t forget to check the terms and conditions.

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