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PrognoCIS EMR Software – A Complete Review

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Introduction to PrognoCIS EMR Software  

Bizmatics, a privately held, profit-making healthcare company based in Silicon Valley, California, launched PrognoCIS. The program is cloud-based health IT solution that includes an EMR solution, a practice management system, and a billing suite. PrognoCIS EMR uses cutting-edge technology to help medical practitioners handle medical records more effectively. PrognoCIS, founded in 2002, is ONC ATCB and CCHIT accredited and assists medical facilities in meeting meaningful use guidelines. In addition, the solution offers custom workflows and tools for a variety of specialties.   

The software’s core features include online payments, a patient portal, revenue cycle management, e-prescriptions, practice management, etc. It is intended for practices of small and medium sizes and strives to increase income while providing patient safety and high-quality healthcare services. Not only that, but users can pick between server/client and web-based versions.  

Before we go into the intricacies of this EMR software, we’d like to talk about how it could benefit you and your medical business. PrognoCIS EMR has several fantastic features that could make your life easier. It can accomplish everything for you, from assisting with scheduling concerns to working out your billing processes! This article will go through how the many capabilities in PrognoCIS EMR software can help you out. And how it can make your medical practice’s processes more uniform and easier to track. With PrognoCIS EMR, you can perform most of the things you would typically perform, but half the time or less!  

Key Features of PrognoCIS EMR Software  

Appointment Scheduling  

The scheduling functionality is the first tool in PrognoCIS EMR software that we think is fantastic and does wonder for your efficiency. According to PrognoCIS EMR reviews, this function allows you to schedule in the most efficient way possible to see as many patients as feasible in a day. This helps you enhance efficiency, but it also increases revenue because you can see more patients each day and thus quickly induct new patients into your clinic.  

Custom Templates  

The templates feature is another excellent feature of PrognoCIS EMR software. This feature allows you to select a template that you believe is most relevant to your needs, allowing you to have a relevant template and fill up patient details within it much faster.   

[Text Wrapping Break]In addition, you can further customize this template to suit your needs better and make it the perfect fit for your practice as a whole! You can view the templates library during the PrognoCIS EMR demo.   

Claims Management  

The next PrognoCIS EMR feature we’d like to discuss is the claims feature, which helps you to streamline the claims filing procedure. You can essentially automate the entire claims filing process using this feature, which means you won’t have to worry about whether or not your claim will be rejected because there will be little to no technical issues that could cause the claim to be rejected.  

[Text Wrapping Break]This means that you will be compensated for your claims more frequently and much more rapidly, improving the cash flow in your medical business.  


With Covid-19 making it practically impossible to view patients in the examination room, the telemedicine option in PrognoCIS EMR was quite valuable. According to PrognoCIS EMR reviews, this tool allows you to communicate with patients via virtual video conferencing calls.   

This robust feature enables you to see patients who cannot come to your office or clinic for any reason, including the geographic location or personal commitments. As a result, this tool allows you to reach a more significant number of patients.  


Another fantastic PrognoCIS EMR feature is the integration feature, which allows you to merge multiple pieces of software into a single location. This feature will enable you to connect your billing and practice management software and any other software you use to PrognoCIS EMR.   

This enables you to manage your whole practice from a single location and keep all of your data in sync, which is critical for running your practice efficiently. The PrognoCIS EMR demo gives you an overview of the integration capabilities.  

Remote Access  

Another significant benefit of PrognoCIS EMR that we would like to highlight is that the software is cloud-based and thus accessible from anywhere in the world, rather than being kept on a specific system in your office or clinic.   

In addition, PrognoCIS EMR reviews state that the software allows you to chart patient data on the move and view patient charts in locations other than your office. Overall, it is a valuable tool if you need to make a diagnosis at a hospital; where your office is not situated!  

PrognoCIS EMR Pricing  

In terms of PrognoCIS EMR pricing, the software is reasonably priced and competitive with the prices of other EMR software. The program starts at $250 per month and only goes higher based on the number of providers using the software and the type of features you have chosen!  

PrognoCIS EMR Reviews  


  • The support is good; the implementation is superb and reasonably priced.  
  • It is simple to configure and inexpensive, especially for a small medical office.  
  • Remote access from desktop to mobile is convenient.  
  • Simple to use, with the flexibility to navigate from EMR to Billing Feature.  


  • It is a bit challenging to navigate through the templates  
  • The software doesn’t fulfill the needs of large hospital systems.  

Our Two Bits  

If you are unsure if we recommend PrognoCIS EMR, we can assist you in making your decision. While we cannot propose software unless we know about your practice, we can help you conclude. To begin, read as many PrognoCIS EMR reviews as you can find online to see what existing users think of the software, as this is one of the most excellent methods to assess what software is like!  We also recommend that you request a PrognoCIS EMR demo from the seller to check if the program and its features function well in practice as they do in theory. You can also check and other EMR system list at the Software Finder. Reading about features is not the same as seeing those in action! 

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