Proof BTS Photocards Information regarding the album

Are you the one who comments on every BTS posting online with a heartfelt smile? Are you eagerly awaiting their new album? BTS’s new song rose to the top of audio streaming in just a few hours. This was in addition to other countries such as India, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Here’s Proof BTS Photoscards for diehard BTS Kpop fans.

The photocards

Photocards refer to a card that features a picture of an idol. But, this picture will be unique and will not be found in other sources than photocards. Kpop music producers have been selling photocards with music albums to the stars.

The BTS music gang is now releasing their latest anthology album “Proof.” People can receive proof photocards free of charge when they purchase the album.

The music album will include two photocards measuring approximately 8.5cm x5.5cm.

  • Photocard A will not be randomly selected from 8
  • Photocard B will not be randomly selected from among 7.

Tracklist for BTS Proof

Three CDs of Proof were released June 10, 2022.

  • Tracklist from CD 1 : Bornsinger. No More Dream. N.O., Boy In Luv. Danger. Ineed U., Run. Fire, Blood Sweatandtears. Spring Day. DNA, Fake Love. Idol. Boywithluv. On. Dynamite. LifeGoesOn. Butter.
  • CD 2: Run BTS, IntroPersona, Stay, Moon, Jamaisvu, Trivia, BTSCipherPart3, Outroego, Her, Filter, Friends, Singularity, Zero, Euphoria, Dimple
  • CD3: Jump. Aemehansai. BoyInLuv. Ttaompyo. INeedu. BoyzWithFun. TonyMontana. YoungForever. SpringDay. DNA. Epiphany. Seesaw. StillWithYou. ForYouth.


The Proof BTS photocards have been trending in google searches, as the BTS album was just released. This means that fans are eagerly awaiting to order the album and the photocards. This anthology collection contains their best songs from the past nine years to commemorate the BTS musical journey of 9 years.

Preorders began May 5th at 11:59 KST for the album and the freebie photos cards. Preorders can be made via the weverse hop app. However, the album can now be streamed online through music streaming services. The CD and photocards are available for purchase at Amazon, Ubuy, or other outlets.

Information regarding the album

The proof album will also include Proof-BTS Photocards. You can order the entire album and get these postcards for your fans.

  • Two versions of the album are available for worldwide BTS fans.
  • The standard edition retails for $51.
  • The Proof set edition retails for approximately 68.93 US dollars.
  • The album can be purchased in the United States starting in
  • The compact edition retails for $20.90
  • The Standard edition retails at $65.90.

The proof album contains 3 CDs, photos and photocards (a, b), epilogue, lyrics and posters.


So, the proof BTS Photocards gave information. The BTS album has been trending across all streaming services. They celebrated their nine musical years since the beginning of their official musical journey.

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