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Pros and Cons of DIY and Professional Upholstery Cleaning

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Is your upholstered furniture filthy and requires deep cleaning? If yes, then one question would have crossed your mind – do I hire upholstery cleaning Melbourne services for professional assistance, or do I use DIY methods for couch cleaning? Well, the answer depends on several factors, such as:

  • How dirty is the couch
  • What is the couch material
  • Do you have the required tools and equipment
  • Do you know how to deep clean a couch

If you can answer these questions honestly, you will know if you need professional assistance from couch cleaning Melbourne services or can handle the cleaning yourself.

Moreover, whether you employ DIY methods to clean the couch or hire professionals, both have pros and cons. Keep reading this article to make a better choice.

Hiring Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services: Pros and Cons

If you are planning to hire professionals, the following are the pros and cons.


Better Equipment: Unless you are willing to go out and rent it yourself, a professional lounge cleaning Melbourne service is bound to have better and more effective cleaning equipment. This allows them to clean faster, remove tough stains quickly, and do a better job than those attempting to clean carpets alone.

Couch Dries Faster: Because of their advanced cleaning methods and equipment, specialists can dry your sofas faster after cleaning them. This means less inconvenience for you.

They Are Professionals: Knowing how to clean upholstery and which cleaning procedures are the most effective are a few significant benefits of hiring professionals, such as upholstery protection Melbourne services. This is usually the result of years of experience, and it assures that when you hire them, they will be able to thoroughly remove the stains, pet pee, stains, filth, and invisible nasties that hide within sofas.


Scheduling Issues: Because professional carpet cleaners may only be available during specific hours, it may be challenging to organise cleaning times with them that are convenient for you.

The initial cost could be higher: Hiring a professional carpet cleaning business is likely to be more expensive than attempting to do it yourself. This may be compensated by long-term savings from carpets surviving longer and not needing to be replaced as frequently.

DIY Couch Cleaning: Pros and Cons

If you plan on DIY couch cleaning, the following are some pros and cons.


You Can Do It When You Want: If you plan to clean your upholstery, you can do it whenever you want. This means that if you are working or are occupied with something else, you can clean your couch at your convenience. The only drawback is that some stains may need immediate attention; otherwise, they can permeate deep into the fibres and damage them.

Cheaper in the short run: Unless you want to buy all of the advanced couch cleaning equipment, cleaning upholstery yourself is likely to cost less initially. You can try making homemade cleaning agents and follow the instructions correctly to get a spotless couch.


You have to handle the entire cleaning process: This may be the deciding factor for many when they realise that DIY upholstery cleaning entails doing everything yourself. It can be a substantial physical exertion; doing it yourself takes time.

Not Knowing What Cleaning Agents To Use: You need first-hand experience or information to know what cleaning agents to use or which equipment you require. Using the incorrect ones may result in an ineffective output, a half-dirty couch, or maybe even a badly damaged sofa.

Expected to Take More Time: Apart from the extra time it will take you to clean your upholstery, you will also have to wait for them to dry. Without knowing how to dry couches effectively, as professionals do, you might end up with a moist sofa. It could damage the couch material beyond repair by even professionals.

Costs more in the long run: Not every couch is the same. You need to employ different cleaning methods based on the size, material, and type of stain. Unlike upholstery cleaning Melbourne professionals, homeowners do not always know the best cleaning procedure. Even after spending a lot of money on store products and cleaning equipment, you might end up with a damaged couch. Then, you will have to hire professionals after all or spend money on buying a new sofa.


Not everyone enjoys cleaning, and this is especially true for tasks like upholstery cleaning. However, some individuals do not mind rolling their sleeves and getting dirty. Before starting, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of hiring professionals and DIY couch cleaning. We hope the above pros and cons will help you make a better choice. While it is okay to clean minor stains and a little dirt by yourself, hiring upholstery cleaner Melbourne services is always better for better results in cases of tough stains and significant dirt.

For any of your upholstery cleaning requirements, contact Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning. We offer various services, such as couch cleaning Melbourne, fabric couch cleaning, etc., and have all the necessary skills and equipment.

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