Proxies and Social Media Marketing – How You Can Benefit from It

Marketing can break or make a business, so it’s evident that you want the best marketing strategy possible. With social media being widespread across the globe, it’s become one of the new marketing platforms for businesses. However, some limitations exist, especially if you have multiple accounts on one platform. To solve these limitations, you can use social media proxies. We look at various types, and within these types, you have options like an Instagram and Facebook proxy. We look at how a proxy for Facebook, or any other social platform, can benefit your marketing campaign.

Social Media Proxies

Various proxy types exist, but some are better for social media campaigns than others. Below, we look at two of the top proxy servers for marketing on social platforms.


Residential proxies use the IPs from devices in existing homes. That means the IP it assigns you is from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). ThisISP assigned IP address makes your connection and activities seem like they’re coming from a natural person, which means a platform is less likely to realize you’re using a proxy and ban you. Since it uses home devices, residential proxies are more secure than datacenter ones and ideal for accessing essential sites during a marketing campaign.

You can find many residential proxies created for specific needs. These still have all the benefits of a residential one, but with added features that make them useful for certain tasks. For example, a Facebook proxy is a residential virgin proxy, meaning it’s guaranteed to not have any existing accounts on the platform.


Mobile proxies route data through the mobile device’s internet connection. There are 3G, 4G, and 5G ones, and like regular proxies, it masks the IP address of your mobile device. This proxy server allows you to manage your social media campaigns on the go from your mobile, making it highly useful. You can install options like a Facebook proxy directly on your phone or tablet and use it with a few finger taps.

Benefits of Using Proxies

The advantages are the same whether you use mobile or residential proxies. Proxy servers provide various benefits to marketing campaigns, which we’ll discuss below.

Brand Management

Proxies help you web scrape, which is when you gather information on social platforms or websites using automated web scraping tools. Among other things, web scraping lets you learn what your clients think about you, which enables you to manage your brand more effectively. 

Since brand management is critical in establishing your identity in clients’ minds, it’s better to track how your customers respond during a campaign adequately. Your different accounts can also be used simultaneously to help increase awareness.

Bypass Social Media Blocks

Some social media platforms, like Instagram, make it challenging to manage multiple accounts. It can block a device it sees having multiple accounts attached, which is a significant problem for marketing managers. However, by using a proxy, you can set it so your IP address changes, making it possible to manage various accounts from one device without getting blocked.

Competitor Research

Just as you can look into what your clients are thinking, you can research the trends and prices of competitors. You can also use the proxies to access their websites without revealing that you’re looking into them. This tool is an excellent way to discreetly gather public information and ensure you make decisions with the latest data kept in mind.

Target Research

Another type of research you can do is on your target market. You can learn the latest trends and what your clients or new leads want. Marketing is about staying on top of what trends work on people and which are old news. Proxies help you gather the latest information while keeping your business private and secure.

Access New Markets

One of the best parts is that proxies’ IP addresses can be set to different locations. As such, you’re able to find out market-specific data and quickly enter new markets. Instead of spending money to visit those markets, set your IP address to another state or region and find out what possible leads in those regions prefer.

Pros and Cons of Proxies

While social media proxy servers have tremendous benefits for your marketing campaigns, there are always some drawbacks. Before you use one of the social proxies, ensure you understand these tools’ possible pros and cons.


We mentioned some of the primary benefits of using proxies with social media campaigns, but below we’ll list them so you can see them at a glance.

  • It helps you circumvent platform blocks
  • Provides fast connections and loading times
  • You experience fewer errors on the social app
  • Bypass geo-blocks
  • It enables you to gather accurate market research
  • It lets you create and manage multiple accounts on one device


No matter how good a tool is, it’ll always have some cons. Below, we look at some prominent drawbacks of using proxies during a campaign.

  • It costs money, as free proxies are untrustworthy
  • Sometimes SSL certificates aren’t secure
  • You must use a web scraper with a proxy to research

Manage Your Social Media Campaigns Effectively

As you see above, there aren’t a lot of cons to using proxies when running a campaign. Overall, proxy servers are beneficial to your marketing campaign, and many different ones are out there, like a Facebook proxy. While there can be many challenges in your path while managing a social media campaign, residential and mobile proxy servers help ease your journey. The further benefit is that, used together with other tools like a web scraper, these proxies make it much easier to create a marketing strategy.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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