Purpose of ICV Certification

Do you know how important it is to have your company’s financial records in order? If you own a business and/or are about to start one, especially in the UAE, then this might be of particular interest to you: find out what an ICV Certification means. This certification ensures that companies’ books and other financial documents are accurate, up-to-date and monitored regularly by external auditors.

Having an ICV certificate proves transparency between a business and its customers or clients; reliable information flow within the organization; as well as compliance with relevant laws. Keep reading if you want to find out more!

What an In-Country Value (ICV) certificate is and why your company needs it for business

An In-Country Value (ICV) certificate is an official document issued by the government of UAE that certifies that a local company’s products or services have met certain criteria set by the UAE government.

This certificate provides proof that a certain percentage (at least 40%) of what your company produces, supplies, or delivers was locally sourced or produced in the UAE. Having an ICV certificate is essential for companies wishing to do business in the UAE, as it demonstrates that your company is invested in local economic growth and job creation. Additionally, some government tenders require an ICV certificate before they can be accessed by businesses.

In order to obtain an In-Country Value (ICV) certificate, companies must first submit a registration form and other company documents to the Ministry of Economy. If accepted, the company will be issued a unique identification number that will then allow them to register for ICV certification.

This is followed by an on-site inspection where the issuing authority checks that the products or services being supplied have been locally sourced or produced in the UAE. Once the assessment is complete, a certificate will be issued to the business which will allow them to access government tenders and demonstrate their commitment to local economic growth.

Why ICV Certification is Essential for Suppliers?

The UAE is a rapidly-growing business hub and many suppliers are looking to take advantage of this growing market. However, in order to do so, these suppliers must meet certain standards set forth by the government. ICV Certification is an important part of this process, as it ensures that the products and services provided meet the high quality control standards and regulations demanded by the UAE government.

ICV Certification tests suppliers on a range of criteria, including product safety, pricing and customer satisfaction. It requires all suppliers to have their products tested and approved, as well as provide proof of quality control and compliance with regional laws. By obtaining ICV certification, suppliers can demonstrate that they are reliable and have the necessary resources to meet customer needs.

Moreover, ICV Certification also helps suppliers gain access to larger markets and public sector tenders, as it is often required for a supplier to be considered for many contracting opportunities throughout the UAE. This certification is essential for both local and foreign businesses in order to remain competitive in the market. 

Overall, ICV Certification is a valuable tool for suppliers in the UAE. It helps ensure that businesses meet all relevant quality control and safety standards, as well as opens up new opportunities for growth. Obtaining ICV certification is thus essential for any supplier who wishes to remain competitive in this rapidly-growing market.

The main purpose of ICV Certification:

In the UAE, ICV Certification is a way to demonstrate that an organization meets quality standards and demonstrates its commitment to continual improvement. The certification process encourages organizations to review their processes and make improvements in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

ICV Certification also helps businesses create a competitive edge by providing third-party validation of their quality management system. It is important for organizations in the UAE to pursue ICV Certification as it helps them gain access to new markets, retain customers and remain competitive.

It also increases customer confidence in their services and products, especially when exported outside of the UAE. Ultimately, achieving ICV Certification is beneficial not only for businesses but also for customers who can trust that quality standards are being met.

In addition to demonstrating quality standards, ICV Certification is also designed to provide organizations with the tools and knowledge needed to become more efficient and effective in their operations.

This includes providing training and guidance on best practices, as well as support for maintaining and improving processes. By investing in ICV Certification, organizations can gain a competitive edge and ensure their customers receive the best quality service or product.

The ICV certification is an important aspect to consider when investing in UAE. The process of ICV verification and certification can be lengthy, but it is worth it to invest in a company that takes the time to go through this process. This certification assures potential investors that the company they are investing in adheres to best practices and supports the local economy.


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