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Pvu Horarios Pvu Horarios in the Game

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The guide provides information about the NFT game, as well as the new Pvu Horarios with batch groups.

Plant Vs Undead or PVU is an NFT an online game that has similar elements to Plants vs. Zombies, making it a fascinating game for players from all over the world. players. The game’s objective is to build an entire army of plant species in the garden to eliminate undead creatures. It’s an intriguing game using NFT assets.

Some players aren’t able access their accounts due to scheduled batch times. The game’s developers utilize the system of scheduling to allow players to play for free regardless of server activity.

Below is below the Pvu Horarios, that you must follow in order to enjoy playing.

What is Scheduling Batch System in PVU?

The creators of PVU utilize an innovative scheduling system that allows them to split players into distinct batches to let all players enjoy playing. Every game ID is associated to a particular batch, which is why worldwide players should check their game account to make sure they’re playing in the correct batch.

Only one player can play and play at the same time. That means all players be able to play the game, thus reducing server usage. Each batch will be played for a 1-hour timer.

Presently, two batches of players can participate in the game and it could be increased to 12 groups with 20 minute intervals.

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Pvu Horarios in the Game

Below is a current batch schedule:

  • Group 1 – 01:00, 05:00, 09:00
  • Group 2 – 01:20, 05:20, 09:20
  • Group 3 – 01:40, 05:40: 09:40
  • Group 4 – 02:00, 06:00, 10:00
  • Group 5 – 02:20, 06:20, 10:20
  • Group 6 – 02:40, 06:40, 10:40
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Groups 1-6 players have to follow the rules that was mentioned earlier, and players who belong to groups 7-12 must go to the official website for information on what the Pvu Horarios to participate in the game.

It’s not a permanent schedule, as it can change at anytime, particularly in the event of high activity on Game Server, update to game and maintenance of the server. Players may also ask for the most current schedule on PVU’s official PVU Discord Server or on the Twitter page.

How to Know Your Specific Batch Schedule?

In the wake of the update that was released on August 31, 2021, they have clarified things to make it simpler for players to identify the Pvu Horarios they are part of and also when they can play the NFT game.

The players must visit the farming page to will see an error message and then check the group they are in. They will also be able to see the remaining time they have to join into the game and begin playing. Make sure you are white-listed. Only game accounts are able to enter into the game and begin playing. Make sure your account on the game is white-listed.

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Take Away

There are many players who aren’t allowed to participating in some players are not allowed to play the game (Non-Fungible Token) based game. It could be due to changes in the game Pvu Horarios game or due to the game account which the developers have not white-listed.

Participants who are not able to enter the game even though they follow the schedules for farming must be in touch with the PVU team via their discord server, or email them on their Twitter account. As you know these PVU Schedules, you can enter the game and play according to avoid any hassles.

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Are you aware of your batch’s group and the time to play? Would you be willing to share the steps to find your batch group and the schedule in the comments section?

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