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Python is a popular programming language, so more and more people want to learn how to start developing. However, if you need the business project to be written by the Python development team, you can get professional support here. For those, who are looking for a hint on where it is better to start studying Python programming language, we’ve created this post. 

Let’s start with freeCodeCamp. 

As the name implies, the platform is free. You can get acquainted with the Python base in just 4 hours. It provides both YouTube videos with detailed explanations and numerous articles on the site. freeCodeCamp is suitable for both beginners and progressive programmers to continue their development. At the end of each section, the platform issues a certificate. These certifications are then encouraged to work with non-profit organizations.

Programming with Mosh

I recommend a course where you can start writing code in just a few hours. Programming with Mosh is a channel where the author introduces you to Python in 6 hours and provides additional exercises and topics for fixing. If you like how the cheat author is, you can visit his website and continue exploring the фrea already there for $ 19. The author provides 200 video tutorials that last a total of 12 hours, as well as various exercises.


The Edureka platform also works on this principle. You can also get acquainted with Python through a YouTube video that lasts 12 hours. There are also extra videos and exercises. But the courses are expensive.


GitHub is an Internet hosting service that provides information about programming languages. You can learn anything, but it takes much time and articles to understand something there. However, the effort is worth it because once you get into it, you will not find a better assistant than GitHub. There are hundreds of repos in Github that will tell you about Python, but I want to tell you about a few of them.

  •   Akuli repo is for beginners who do not want to read and immediately start writing 
  •   ProgrammingHero repo is for people who learn better in practice. It contains 100 questions and answers in Python, which are suitable and complicated for a beginner to an advanced level.
  •   Ujjwalkarn repo is suitable for those who know the purpose of using Python.

If you don’t have time to study but have a project in mind, you can order software development from a professional IT agency.

Advanced learning


Of course, Python’s website is where you can find tutorials to get started. It is a great place to start your education but there are better places to finish it. I advise you to read the textbooks to familiarize yourself with Python and then visit other platforms to continue your studies.

Google’s Python class

It is a great place to begin learning Python. Google provides lectures, video tutorials, and numerous exercises where you can master Python. Google uses these materials to familiarize its employees with this programming language. However, to understand the content, you still need minimal knowledge in the field of programming. For example, be able to distinguish variables from operators, and so on. The platform is free.


Microsoft has a similar platform for learning Python for beginners. You will get acquainted with it in 41 video tutorials. The platform also offers several exercises and articles. After completing the courses, it encourages you to continue your further education.


It is a freemium course where you can get acquainted with Python through 11 free video tutorials. If you like the presentation and their explanations, you can watch 44 video tutorials by subscription. The subscription costs $40 per month. It’s worth it if you want to start working after the course already. However, if you want to get acquainted, you can watch 11 videos and go further.


A course with excellent reviews. Suitable for those who want to start projects after completing the course. The cost of the course is $ 34 per month. The average duration is six months. The overall duration of the video lessons is 20 hours. The lessons contain mainly active tasks, suitable for those who like to learn through practice.


A platform that offers paid courses in various fields of Python, where you can both start and continue your studies. The lessons are at high prices. However, you can see the ratings and comments of people who purchased this course. There are also often sales where you can buy lessons at a discount.


I started with the freeCodeCamp course for training. This course interested me with its flexibility and abundance of content. However, everyone makes their own choice. One course may be better suited to achieve your goal. You will likely find the course that best suits you on my list. If you still thinking about future prospects, check this blog for more ideas for your future career as a software developer.

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