Qsuper Class Action Scam – All the Details You Need to Know!

This article informs members of the recent claims made by Qsuper and highlights information about Qsuper class action scam.

Qsuper’s latest scam has been reported. Qsuper is handling your pension plan? Shine lawyers have helped Australians who were overcharged for their premium plans to file a lawsuit against the company.

In this article, we will go into detail about the class action scam . Find out more.

Updates about Qsuper Scam

In a recent class-action lawsuit, the company was accused of overcharging clients for premiums on Life insurance that led them to purchase a profit subsidiary that was established in 2016. Qsuper’s customers were allowed to pay an additional fee to cover any penalties imposed by the courts.

Qsuper, after all the charges that were made against the company, was predicted to be a scam. Let us be clear, it’s not a fraud.

Shine Lawyers Qsuper Class Action complete details.

Shine Lawyers noticed the company overcharged Tommy Lam for the insurance policies he purchased through Qsuper. Financial complaints authority for the Australian region issued the report. The member was classified as a blue colored worker, even though he had a high level of expertise in his field. He should have qualified for a lower insurance premium.

Is Qsuper a scam?

Qsuper has been referred to as a scam. We have stated that Qsuper does not work in a similar way. It is part of the Australian Retirement Trust.

The lawsuit by Shine Lawyers Qsuper Class Action may be part of an initiative to implement the new amendments under section 56, which did not allow member savings to cover monetary penalties.

Qsuper reprimanded for charging excessive premiums on life insurance .

The company was arrested for charging too much in premiums. There was an intense discussion about the company being a scam that was robbing customers of their money. The company is a superannuation-fund-based one and it’s located in Brisbane, Queensland. The company was founded in 1912 and has a platinum rating for 15 years.

Class Action scam Qsuper

The member must be a white collar rate professional or standard rate and have an accumulation account. Members must have received funds from a fund member who has expired after July 1, 2016. Members who want to join a class action must be able to prove that they received money from an expired fund member after the first of July 2016.


Qsuper provides retirement funds. It was recently sued by Shine Lawyers for overcharging its members premiums, which it claimed were free.

What is your opinion of the company? Comment your thoughts below on the class-action lawsuit.

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