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Writing tools aided with Artificial Intelligence make it possible for everyone to play with words and come up with creative content. These AI writing tools come in handy when you need to create content on daily basis with great efficiency. Most of these AI writing tools are equipped with GPT-3 and open APIs to come up with content that has the human touch you need in your content. These 8 AI writing tools can take your marketing to another level.


Jasper is a perfect AI writing tool to write short-form marketing content. You can generate content for landing pages, blogs, emails, and other social media content. If you are out of writing ideas then just give an introduction to Jasper and it will offer you various ideas to work on. It also helps to rewrite the content and adjust the tone as per the intended audience to ensure that your content stands out.


As the name suggests, if you need SEO-based content then AISEO is your go-to AI writing tool. The SEO content aids you in enhancing the organic traffic flow. It also helps you to rewrite and rephrase the content in a way that improves the readability of content so that the driven traffic engages with the content at a deeper level.


Persado offers personalized and tailored content through the use of artificial intelligence. This AI writing tool is perfect for consumer marketing as it uses the world’s largest database of phrases and words to come up with unique and catchy taglines and content. It helps you to create attractive content that captivates the attention of consumers.


This AI writing tool helps you in writing catchy and attractive captions, hashtags, and titles to attract the masses to your content. Be it an image or keywords, this tool helps you to come up with creative yet interesting captions and hashtags to attain the attention of users.


If you need an AI writing tool that helps you to create consistent content across the company then Writer is what you need. It offers real-time recommendations to all employees working across the organization as per the brand guideline and compliance agenda. This way it helps to generate consistent content with the same professional tone and information.


The marketing and sales team has to come up with sales pitches and interesting web content regularly which can get tricky. With Anyword you can enter propriety data and t will generate a content copy with a human touch to attract your consumers.

Market Muse

Market Muse is your go-to AI writing tool when you want to enhance the flow of organic traffic to your website or web portal. This tool scans the web data to identify the latest trends and suitable keywords and helps you write articles and content that elevates your search traffic.


Friday.AI is another AI writing tool that can generate catchy content on its own. All you have to do is to write the name of the topic and a little introduction or specifications that you like to include in your content and this tool will do the rest on its own. It can generate letters, blog posts, marketing content, and social media content for you. It can also rephrase the existing content and convert it into altogether unique and new content for you.

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